skate journal: flatground then saul’s with good peeps (nov 30, 2017)

Had the day off work again and slept til 9:30. Couldn’t believe it. It put me in a funk that was hard to get out of. After a hike with Liz and some lunch I met Rob and shortly after Dave at the dog park. It was cooler, but still nice out. Rob was already warmed up when I got there. He had a nice line of back 180, switch front 180 then b/s flip. My warm up went okay and I was trying flippers pretty quickly. I struggled with heelflips, but other tricks were working. Rob pulled out a couple plastic parking blocks from the fenced in area which made for some fun spracking options. We all did some basic spracks. It’s so fun. We put them about 10 feet apart so it was fun lining out wallies/no complies/spracks/flippers/180s/etc. Dave had some good fakie and regular shoves. Rob with back 180 then halfcab. He had a pretty good slam on a stop rock and another good slam on a kickflip attempt over a parking block. Doh. I got lucky with a first try fakie bigspin over one, a couple kickflips over. I was most hyped on flippers though. Got a first try fakie bigflip, a really sketch first try fakie heel with some heel drag, 360 flip with a hand down, nollie tre with some weird foot action. Rob took off. Dave settled into a line of back 180 sprack, switch back 180 sprack then either back bigspin or treflip attempt. He had done a casual varial flip earlier on too. I settled into a line of back 180 over a block then fakie treflip. I really wanted to get a fakie tre to complete the trifecta of treflips I can do (can’t do them switch). But we were running late to get to Saul’s, the sun was setting and I had to call it. I got super close. Wheel bite and lack of skill got me.

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Then we met Ed and Saul at Saul’s. I rode my 8.5″ setup with huge 53mm wheels (ha). Dave had a few of his roll ins to frontside grind and some really long boardslides. He had to take off pretty quickly. I didn’t skate too well. Got a few carve grinds, front slashes, but couldn’t do front disaster or a regular grind. It was fun though. Ed had a nice back disaster right when we got there and a nice tailblock. He also had a bunch of frontside grinds and had some fast lines. Saul had a couple of the best runs I’ve seen him do there. His patented quick carve grinds along with stand up back 50s, feeble, frontside bump over the hip, etc. It was sick. We skated about an hour. It was fun.

(setup 8.25″ null maze deck, venture 5.8 lights black, 52mm spitfire f4 radial slim green/black swirl 101a, 3 washers on the outside, venom 91a bushings, new balance numeric 345 black size 11, spenco 3/4 thinsole with lakai insole
Saul setup 8.5 Null Rabethica, Venture 58s, 53mm yellow/orange Spitfire F4 99a classics)