skate journal: safeway ledges with the crew (dec 2, 2017)

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Fun day jumping on the ledges @_f_u_z_z @43shifty @fullertrron

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After a busy morning I ran to meetup with a session at Safeway ledges. I thought I was going to be the last one, but I ended up getting there first. Ha. But after the first couple slappy noseslides Rob, Fuzz and Dave rolled up. It was quite fun. The warm up process didn’t seem to take anyone too long, but Dave did struggle for awhile which is rare to see. Even with 50s. Rob was hyped to break in his trucks. The same ones he’s had for like 3 weeks already. Ha. He got on some back 50s right away, nollie front lip, front nose the fence ledge, kickflips, b/s flips, bigspin front nose and some incredibly steezy back smiths. Also came super close to treflips. Fuzz went in on fakie front tails. He was going really fast and backed up a couple with quick feet b/s flips. He also did some really good front tailslides with good heelfips after. He also did switch front 180 50 and 5-0. So good. I skated pretty good at times. Got my first two treflip, first try nollie varial flip, did the worst heelflip every (but man it was fun somehow), got a first try slow back 50 which is rare for me. I tried halfcab crooks, front crooks, switch crooks, but never got any. Struggled with halfcab flips and some other flippers. I had put on some small old bones wheels that felt great. I tried switch front 180 50 like Fuzz, except with 1/10 the speed and I hit the wall hard. It hurt. I did a slow, but first try front 50 bean plant out and tried to follow it with a treflip. But I landed wrong and broke my board. Doh. It was really cracked so it wasn’t really a bummer. But the whole session I was thinking about wanting smaller trucks so now this will make me have to decide what to do.
Dave was finally warmed up around then. Ha. He was doing slappy crooks on the tall fence ledge, noseslides on it too. He had a really good front 5-0 180 out, varial flips, maybe a front crook, tried pop shove noseslides and much more I’m forgetting right now.

(setup 8.25″ null maze deck, venture 5.8 lights black, 50mm bones stf v1, 3 washers on the outside, venom 91a bushings, new balance numeric 345 black size 11, powerfeet pinnacle orthotic insole)

skate journal: broomfield marathon soreness and cold (dec 1, 2017)

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Another day off work. Went to Broomfield park on a nice morning ahead of meeting up with Nolan. Trying to warm up didn’t go so well, I felt so sore and I’m not sure why. There were a few other dudes there, all were cool. Although one of them said ‘nice willy grind’ to a crook attempt of mine on the black box. I’m not doubting that it was a terrible crook, but that bummed me out. At least he was hyped on the slappy crooks on the curb. I didn’t land a whole lot. One thing I got was a line of switch noseslide 270 out on the blue box, fakie back smith to fakie on the quarta potty, switch front noseslide shove on the blue box. All were done terribly. Even on the qp trick I did some weird slide out. Oh well. Oh I did have a line earlier of front 50 on the black box, kickflip to fakie on the bank and then a bad halfcab noseslide on the black ledge. Then the wind kicked in fierce and I went to Crisis.

After a couple hours at Crisis I met Dave and Nolan at Broomfield park. There were a few others there, but it was still mostly chill. Dave and I warmed up with switch noseslide variations on the blue box. He was extra sore too. We started mixing in the other obstacles around when Nolan showed up. I was trying some dork lines. Board transfer the brown ledge, nose stall the pier 7 ledge, crooks the ledge. I might have done that, but I definitely almost died trying. Nolan challenged us to a game of SKATE. I was bad and did a one foot just to mess with Dave. He got his revenge with a switch no comply shove. I got a letter on fakie flip. Argh. I was the first out. It did kind of warm me up though. Nolan and Dave were skating the quartapotty to steep qp. Gnarly. Nolan did a front noseblunt on it. Dave did a super chill back tail on it. Saul skated for awhile too. He did his first shove-it ever, boardslid the parking block and ollied onto a few of the obstacles. It was rad. Hayden and Sean showed around then and I resigned my soreness to sit and film for the gram. Nolan, Sean, Hayden and Hayden’s friend Mikey got some good moves. Dave took off. I just kind of wandered around filming in different places. Riley and Garrett showed. Donnie too. It was fun watching so many rippers, but man it got cold just standing around. I was blown away by how quickly Riley was ripping. It was right away. There will be a gram clip soon.

(setup 8.25″ null maze deck, venture 5.8 lights black, 52mm spitfire f4 radial slim green/black swirl 101a, 3 washers on the outside, venom 91a bushings, new balance numeric 345 black size 11, spenco 3/4 thinsole with lakai insole)