skate journal: lazy sunday solo mellow bank spot (dec 3, 2017)

I’m not sure what it is about me going to this spot on Sundays. It’s normally after a lot of skating and I’m just too lazy to leave town, organize a session or try hard. After hanging with the fam for awhile I arrived on a beautiful afternoon. I had setup a new 8.25″ board and put some 8″ high Ventures on it. Normally I dislike Venture 5.2 highs and prefer the lows, but I’m trying to stay on highs. I tightened them more than normal, maybe that will help. They felt fine. I warmed up with shoves, fakie bigspin and nollie bigspin on the bank. Then started trying to ollie the little gap above because I would like to do a line there for Stubborns. I was thinking something that starts with front 180 and ends at the bank. But wow that gap is harder than it looks. You can either curve from around a corner and hope the timing works out or get one push and hope it works out. I chose the one push route. I rarely landed it. I think part of it was how lazy I was being, but it’s still hard. I only got a couple fakie flips after it which are hard too because of cracks and rough concrete. On the bank I did a couple fakie varial flips which could work in the line, or halfcab flip. After awhile I just raced between 360 flip and switch flip. Came close to a switch flip, but the 360 flip came somewhat quickly. I tried fakie heels for awhile too, but gave up after almost credit carding myself. I went across the street to do a front tail on the escalator ledge. I was really sore by then though. I did one terrible stall and left it at that.

(setup 8.25″ null atomic cowboy, venture 5.8 v-hollow high, 50mm bones stf v1, 3 washers on the inside of each axle, venom 91a bushings, new balance numeric 345 black size 11, powerfeet pinnacle orthotic insole)