skate journal: fun at sauls then a brief spin at a new spot (jan 1, 2018)

After a cold morning I slacked around for awhile trying to warm up. I joined the tail end of a session at Saul’s. There were some younger rippers, Roth, Dave, Saul. I mostly just stood in the sun at first and watched the ripping. One dude Brian was absolutely destroying. He was so natural. Roth did his cool 50 around the hip which is crazy. Fuller did a bunch of different tricks. The lipslide into it was cool as was the sweeper in. Saul did the perfect 5-0 above. Ha ha okay, so he didn’t land that one, but it looks good. His runs are so fun to watch with all the quick grinds and he’s adding in more stand up 50s. I skated more when the young ones left, but not a lot. Somehow I managed to do most of what I’ve done there. The back smith stall felt cool as did the front slashes. Riding the Saul setup was fun.

Then I wanted to get another look at this new spot I checked out on the way home from Red Hawk. It’s even better than it looks. Although the main benches are all on the tall side. But one of my few 2018 skate goals is to be able to skate taller ledges again so I don’t want to use it as an excuse. I did some flatground for a bit. I love my little 8″ board. It flips so easy. I did way more tricks than I was expecting. I did a 360 flip that felt so easy. I did a front 50 on the low ledge, a slappy front tail, wallie nollie, posed an ollie over a ledge, did one of the best heelflips I’ve done in awhile then mostly skated the taller benches. There was some ice preventing me from skating them backside like I wanted to. I took forever to get a front 50. Shortly before that I ollied onto one which felt pretty cool, but getting the 50 felt great and I left.

(setup 8″ null Monico deck, venture 5.25 awake lows, 50mm bones stf v1, 3 washers on the inside of each axle, venom 91a bushings, new balance numeric arto 358 black/white size 11, custom orthotic insole)