skate journal: flatground with matt and dave on a nice day (jan 4, 2018)

Feeling down after skating bad the night before and having to be at work I went to meet Dave and Matt at the dog park. I initially thought I wouldn’t be able to skate I was so sore. Not in a painful way, just sore like my legs were stiff. Luckily Matt and Dave started slow too so I didn’t feel so bad. Matt hadn’t really skated in a couple months. But whatever, he still has it. The treflip wasn’t first try though. He did some nollie back 180s as a setup for a switch flip which he did eventually get. Kickflips, halfcabs, 180s, and a few treflips. I was struggling with my basics, but got a first try treflip so that always cheers me up (even when I miss the next two). Other tricks I did poorly were halfcab flips both ways, fakie flip, heelflip and eventually the frontside halfcab heelflip. I ended hucking a frontside cab heelflip. Note the lack of “half”. I wold be hyped beyond belief to get that one, it felt quite doable even though I was not actually very close. Dave had a sketchy slam on a pop shove, some good front shoves, a couple fakie varial flips, varial flip, nollie bigspin, remotely close to cab bigspin. When I left to go back to work he was trying treflips. Hope he got one.

(setup 8″ null Monico deck, venture 5.25 awake lows, 50mm bones stf v1, 3 washers on the inside of each axle, venom 91a bushings, new balance numeric arto 358 black/white size 11, custom orthotic insole)