skate journal: douglass with jake and dave (jan 5, 2018)

Had the day off work. Did some family stuff, went swimming then eventually got Ollie to go skate for a bit at Creekside. All he really tried was kickflips and he seemed upset. Doh. I did a couple back 50s and then Jake showed. We went to Douglass and Dave pulled in at the same time. We started off with some tic tac races around a little track. It was funny. Dave won and we found out he had been training for this for years. Then we played a game of SKATE that Jake won. It was another game where I got letters on tricks I can do. Dave got me with switch no comply and that’s fine, but I think I got a letter on front shove. Then we hit the ledges. I was the last to get a front 50 and I’m sure mine was the slowest. But it felt cool regardless. I got a lucky first try crooks, noseslide, noseslide to fakie and boardslide. Dave also did front noseslides to fakie, maybe halfcab noseslide. Jake also did back 50, back crooks, several accidental noseslides instead of crooks. Then he started trying a line of ollie over a ledge then front 50 shove out. We filmed it for awhile, he got it once, but it had some sketch. Then it was my turn to skate, but I felt this crazy pressure because I knew Jake would want to leave soon and it turned into anger at my skateboard. I got so mad. I’m happy I didn’t focus my board because I ended up having fun, but man it was close. We were skated the back area mostly now. Dave had been doing lines while I was filming Jake. Something on the little ledge, switch and regular wallrides, kickflips, etc. I was really struggling just doing a basic 50 and it drove me nuts. There was this very mini hip there and it took me awhile to kicklfip it and that was nearly the end of me. I eventually settled down and got some, tried to line it out with nollie tailsides then front 50 a taller part of the ledge, but kept failing at that. Dave was doing really good front 5-0s, trying front 50 nollie shove off the end, did the switch crooks pictured above, boardslides, almost fakie varial flip over the little hip. Jake and I tried f/s halfcab flips over the hip. I got a lame one. I also got a fakie flip over it which would be a first on a hip for me, but I guess calling that mini bump an actual hip is a stretch. I tried some nosegrinds on the little ledge too, but I stuck every time. Jake was trying fakie bigspin boardslide or noseslide. He kind of got into it. I failed fakie nosegrinds. All in all a weird session for me. Sorry for getting so angry dudes. It was fun in the end though.

(setup 8″ null Monico deck, venture 5.25 awake lows, 50mm bones stf v1, 3 washers on the inside of each axle, venom 91a bushings, new balance numeric arto 358 black/white size 11, custom orthotic insole)