skate journal: solo dog park back in the cold (feb 5, 2018)

After a long and sketchy drive from Buena Vista and an amazing welcome home greeting from Liz I went to meet Dave at the dog park. But he bailed before I got there. My motivation was hurting, my body felt okay, and somehow the mid 30 weather didn’t bother me. I was wearing the Es vulcs again because I felt like skating vulcs. It’s crazy how much better the board feel is. These are a little too thin though. Anyways, I skated for about an hour. I didn’t skate fast or good, but I landed some tricks. I tried a line of fakie flip, halfcab flip, 360 flip for awhile. Couldn’t get the treflip and got a text from Matt requesting a treflip. Turns out he was with his dog at the park. He wasn’t looking, but I did land a treflip that try. I was hyped. Thanks for the motivation Matt. I landed a lot of heelflips, f/s halfcab flip, b/s flip randomly I did a few nollie back bigspins (okay “nollie” is a stretch). Came close to halfcab heels both ways, nollie inward heel, nollie tre, some more. Got tired so I left.

(setup 8.25″ clutch sample deck, venture 5.25 awake lows, 50mm bones stf v1, 3 washers on the inside of each axle, white venture bushings, es accel sq burgundy/gum size 11, custom orthotic insole)