skate journal: motivated in the garage (feb 10, 2018)

On a snowy day I went into the garage in the middle of the afternoon. I started with the “bank” to curb option which is harder than it looks. I started with some nose/tail stalls and worked up to front axle which took for freaking ever. Something about the quick pop right after getting on the wood weirded me out. And the fact that it requires pop which aint easy for me. The 50 shove fakie thing came pretty quick though. Don’t think I’ve ever done that before. I tried front 50 kickflip out for awhile and got pretty close. I gave up and tried backside stuff for awhile, but ended up giving up. I would do a few flip tricks in between tries. I was wearing the cupsole Es again and it felt better. I got kickflips, heelflips, treflip. Tried a few nollie and switch flips. My shoes felt so huge I was slipping around. Then I took the ledge out and just skated flat. I got quite a few tricks. I didn’t start filming until the nollie varial flip which felt cool even though it was so bad. Getting another treflip took awhile. The halfcab heel hyped me up. Not sure if I’ll ever land another nollie flip. I skated hard though and I’m happy about that.

(setup 8.25″ clutch sample deck, venture 5.25 awake lows, 50mm bones stf v1, 3 washers on the inside of each axle, white venture bushings, es swift 1.5 grey size 11.5, custom orthotic insole)