skate journal: marathon day with the squirrel bros, dave and hayden (march 4, 2018)

Trying to get Ollie out of the house turned into me bringing him and 3 friends on a mission to MRKT and more. We started by meeting Dave at Rocky Mtn Elem. Dave was there before us and piecing together a nice line of ollie the flat gap, kickflip on flat, noseslide, 180 nose manual a brick median. I had some better than normal feeling slappys and a crooked grind. Ollie dropped in on the kinked brick section pretty easily. Gabe was going for it and tried to ollie the sidewalk gap. I can’t believe he was committing. It was rad. Sam and Otto were cruising. Dave and I posted up at the sidewalk gap for awhile. Not shown are the big cracks on both sides of the gap that messed with things. Even with my huge 52mm wheels. Ha ha. Dave was going for gap to manual which he got. I was trying to ollie over the cone which I never got, although I did land it while knocking down the cone.

Then we went to Northside after lunch and MRKT. It was pretty mellow. Bo, Hayden, Peyton and Jacoby were there. Those dudes all rule. Ollie and Gabe got up on the MJ ledge quick. Ollie got a pop shove to fakie. It was rad. All of the Squirrel Bros skated the park. They were up on top, cruising, it was rad. Ollie had a bunch of carves on the brink bank to ledge ride. I did a lot of chatting for awhile. Then cruised pretty chill not doing much. I had the little cruiser line of wallie, ollie on the bump, axle stall the barrier and a first try roll in to the halfpipe area that hyped me up. Then I filmed Hayden try f/s flips for awhile. Then it got windy and the kids wanted something else anyway so we went to Spring Canyon.

Which was incredibly windy. We skated though. Bo was filming Hayden on the ledge and I wanted to skate the ledge so those are my embarrassing tricks. I couldn’t even land a back 50. Ugh. Hayden had the smoothest back nosegrind back 180. Hayden rips. The SBs were having fun. Ollie’s coffin was rad. Bo ripped the bowl way harder than I imagined. I got a bit of a fire near the end and did the boardslide transfer that Dave got me to do a long time ago. On one attempt I almost killed a scooter kid in the bowl with my board shooting out. Yikes. Landing it hyped me up as I hadn’t done much all day. Hayden’s gap to nose manual is bonkers. He rips and it was fun skating with him. I had worn some FP Gamechanger insoles. I can’t tell if I was more or less sore after skating than the day before. Argh. I wish shoes/insoles weren’t such a battle for me.

(setup 8.25″ null monico deck, venture 5.25 awake lows, 52mm spitfire F4 101a classic shape, 3 washers on the inside of each axle, bones medium bushings, adidas busenitz vulc white/blue size 11.5, fp gamechanger insoles)