skate journal: research ledge sucking (march 6, 2018)

Posted in New Deck, Skate Journal on March 7th, 2018 by corpo

Tired from a busy day at work I went out to skate with some new and old stuff. I had a new deck (8.1 this time) and had put some old STFs on. The board and wheels felt great. But the shoe/insole game is a constant struggle for me. Orthotics or not? Cupsoles or vulc? Argh. This night I went with the thinnest shoes in my quiver and some flat insoles. NB 212 with FP 5mm insoles. They felt good, but very thin. I didn’t feel good out of the gate. And it didn’t really get better. The ledge had sand all around it so that didn’t help. I got some noseslides and noseslide to fakie to get started. Then I wanted to do back 50. Bad choice. Just like Sunday I wasn’t able to do one. I tried for awhile too. The worst part is I wasn’t even getting close. I eventually gave up and cheered myself up a little with a couple crooks. I randomly tried nollie back 360s which I got close to and cabs which I didn’t get as close to. I did manage a quick jib front 50, posted up on some front noseslides that stuck, got a couple bad halfcab noseslides, a switch front nose. Hucked a few flippers. My legs felt good for awhile, then got really tired. At the end I hucked noseslide back 270 out and noseslide front 270 shove out. I got remotely close to the 270 shove out. Depressing night.

(setup 8.125″ null maze deck, venture 5.25 awake lows, 52mm bones stf v5, bones medium bushings, new balance numeric 212 green size 11, fp 5mm flat insoles)