skate journal: broomfield park with the scooters and headphones (march 10, 2018)

Posted in New Shoes, Skate Journal on March 11th, 2018 by corpo

On a breezy day I went to Broomfield park on a whim after lounging around on a breezy day. I got there around 2pm and was the only person with a skateboard for quite some time. There were a bunch of scooter kids and several bikers. Why don’t kids ride skateboards anymore? Anyway, I was wearing new shoes, another pair of Busenitz vulc. They felt good surprisingly and I warmed up quickly having more pop than I figured I would. I had front 50s on the black box consistently, got front shove out first try, front 180 out first try. Had some lines. That park is fun with the lines. After awhile another skater showed at least. He wore headphones. And then a few more skaters. Two of which were incredibly annoying and wore headphones and never stopped or rotated or cared about anyone else. I just kind of avoided what they were skating. I had a couple terrible back 50s on the blue box, halfcab nose the black box, basic quartapotty tricks, crooks the black box, tried front nosegrind on the blue box for a bit, but never fully committed, did okay with the basic flips, boardslid the flatbar a bunch, actually skated the flow bowl for awhile and was scared dropping in (guess it’s been a long time since I’ve skated tranny other than Saul’s). I ended with a fun line attempt of switch front 180 into the mellow bank then noseslide 270 shove the black box. Never go the 270 shove, but I was close. I left in quite a bit of pain, I don’t think those Gamechangers is cutting it.

(setup 8.125″ null maze deck, venture 5.25 awake lows, 52mm bones stf v5, bones medium bushings, adidas busenitz vulc burgundy size 11.5, fp gamechanger insoles)