skate journal: fun in the sun with jack and carleigh and random boulder spots (march 11, 2018)

After a crisp morning the sun warmed things up and without a breeze it was pretty lovely out. I met Jack and Carleigh at a ditch off Pearl that Jack wanted to skate. It was gnarly. So gnarly that Carleigh and I didn’t even attempt to skate it. Jack had an idea to ollie in and transfer to the next one. Without a photo this doesn’t make much sense, but lets just say the second and third walls were STEEP. It took him awhile, but he got it. Gnarly.

Then I showed Carleigh this tiny little gap around the corner. Well, Jack too, but after a first try late shove he decided to film the gnar. Aka Carleigh and I taking forever to land a couple basic tricks. The narrow and short approach makes setting up so hard. Carleigh couldn’t ollie it at first, but a short 50 tries later stomped a kickflip so good. I had been trying backside flip, but whenever I’d put it down it was only 90 degrees and I couldn’t get past that so I gave up and tried front shoves. And a short 50 tries later I got one. Ha. It was so hard, but it did feel rather good. Thanks so much for filming it so good Jack.

Then we went to this tiny bank to curb that is way harder to skate than it looks. Oh yeah I was wearing my big orthotics again and it contributed to things feeling weird. Carleigh kicked things off with a first try axle stall. Jack went right in on the nosepick spin out the hard way. As you can see, he got it. I got a couple flip ins to something. The one filmed happened to fall into back smith and I lunchbreaked it for a good 4 course meal. Carleigh added pivot. Jack also did the nosepick shove pivot. He good. I’m gonna miss these two not living in Boulder!

(setup 8.125″ null maze deck, venture 5.25 awake lows, 52mm bones stf v5, bones medium bushings, adidas busenitz vulc burgundy size 11.5, custom orthotic insoles)