skate journal: exhausted depression session at dog park with rob (aug 12, 2019)

Still feeling run down from camping and right after work I went to dog park to meet Rob. There was cloud cover so it wasn’t too hot and there was hardly anyone there. I got there first and proceeded to feel like I had never skateboarded before. I almost died trying to ollie onto the black manny pad. I couldn’t back 50 the tiny square pad. I couldn’t do anything it felt like. Rob showed up and quickly complained about the square manny pad then slammed on it. It was quite amusing. I really did enjoy having it there to get some sort of confidence on over the top backside grinds. I was able to get a back 5-0, but couldn’t muster the courage to try back nosegrind like I did the first day I went there. Argh. I did start getting into a line that I liked though. Hippy jump the janky flatbar, wallie the barrier, front nosegrind the tiny narrow ledge. Never got the nosegrind. Rob was ripping. He is definitely progressing there. Front tail on a bench, almost front nosegrind the step, ollie the barrier easily, front board the tall metal bench, back 50 shove the step first try I think, really solid backside flips. After awhile we put the wedge after the bench to get all east coast and do tricks like it was into a cellar door. Rob got back 50 into it pretty quick. He was smart and used the Neils Of Fire school of stoke and lined it out. Manual, fakie big, back 50 into the bank. So sick. I tried flip tricks to motivate me. Had to give up on halfcab flip. Got a couple heelflips, but still couldn’t find the courage to commit to front 50. Argh. Then I tried treflip for awhile and couldn’t do it either. I gave up and just tried front 50 on it’s own and eventually started committing to slow 50s and finally tic tac’d my way into the bank. Oh yeah, Rob had tried to front 50 the top step. So gnarly. But he slammed hard and it took him out. Doh. I left feeling incredibly depressed. I partly blame the lingering effects of camping, but I also know that I’m not liking the smaller setup/trucks. Argh.

(setup 8.38 null event horizon deck, venture 5.6 trucks, venom 91a bushings, 50mm bones stf v1 wheels, 3 bearings inside each axle, mob grip, new balance numeric 533v2 pj grey size 13, currex run pro insoles)