Quicksand and Quagmire films by Frank Zirbel

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“In 2007 and 2008, as a commission from one of my art collectors, I deconstructed/reconstructed Pieter Bruegel’s 1557 engravings of “The Seven Deadly Sins/Vices.” as seven ink drawings. In 2008, a German cinematographer and friend, Mike Steffl, who had a poster collection of my drawings, sent me a sample DVD of proposed films of the drawings as a Christmas gift. He suggested that with his help we make them into short films. Nothing was started until January of 2013. By the end of the year we had seven films. The soundtrack was created in 2014. In April of 2015 post production work began and still continues.
Finally, two of the films are completed and have been uploaded to YouTube. Each film is a little over six minutes in length. The links are below. I’ve also attached scans of posters of the first two drawings for easy reference.
Eventually all seven films will be released on Blu-ray or streamed.

To more fully understand what’s going on please read the description/blurb that accompanies the films on YouTube.” – Frank Zirbel

This is awesome!

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Thanksgiving dinner with Psycho

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thanksgiving dinner with psycho unity

The Psycho Unity comic is the work of my uncle Frank Zirbel. To see more of his work click here.

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Psycho Unity: Cash for sins!

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psycho unity

Check mentalinsect.com for more amazing art and music by Frank Zirbel.

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Psycho Unity goes down for reppin’ Amendment 1!

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Psycho Unity - Dia de los muertos002

Psycho Unity is the work of my uncle, Frank Zirbel. Check out the man more wonderful things he has created here.

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Psycho Unity is back!!!

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Psycho Unity - poses as Picasso003

My uncle Frank Zirbel sent me some more Psycho Unity frames to upload. So look for a new one every week or so for quite some time! Hyped! Also, check out some of his movies on his youtube channel FrankJosephZirbel here.

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Psycho Unity poses for tourists

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psycho unity poses for tourists

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Night Push

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Rob made everything in this sick clip that makes me wish even more that I could get out and push down the streets.

Wow I want an Inkling!

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This is seriously amazing! Draw on paper and it goes right into vector graphics on the computer. Oh man!

All Hands On Deck fundraiser for Launch Skate non profit organization

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Please go to this fundraiser and support this great non-profit organization that is doing it’s part to better skateboarding. This friday night, August 5th!

Chris Jones art show

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Hyped for this tomorrow.