Hike photos

Posted in Boulder CO on March 30th, 2011 by corpo

I’m trying my hardest to be more like Carleigh’s blog with lots of photos.  So here we go with some nature shots.  Now if only I was willing to carry my DSLR around like Carleigh.  Instead it’s smart phone photos galore.  Anywyas, yeah, Liz and I went on a hike last friday.  It was fun, but it left me sore for a few days and Liz laughed about that a lot.  Here we have a view of the Flatirons.

Then you can face the other way and see prairie for miles.

We even mingled with the natives.  It was lovely.

Suki Thai is my favorite restaurant in Boulder

Posted in Boulder CO, colorado on March 19th, 2010 by corpo

Seriously love this place.  It’s fast, cheap and everytime I have eaten there it’s been great.  They seem to have new items on the menu everytime we go there too.  So awesome.  Go there.

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