Posted in camera geek outs on September 12th, 2010 by corpo

Finally got paid for the VX on Ebay so I rushed off to Mike’s Camera and immediately got the t2i.  Stoked.  Charged it up and this is the first photo:I really know NOTHING about photography.  F Stop?  ISO?  Depth of view?  I got a lot of learning to do, but I can say that at least I’m starting by putting it in manual mode and learning before I ever use auto.We are gonna sign a permission slip to let Ollie make a funny face for his school picture.Clearly he loves making faces right?Then off to the neighbor’s back yard for the first action shots.I got a lotta learning to do.

The latest in the VX2100 ->DSLR saga

Posted in camera geek outs on September 9th, 2010 by corpo

Awhile ago Liz said she wanted a nice camera to take photos with.  I had just talked to Meta Sam about his camera which he films with too so I was like, whoa, lets sell the video camera and get one of these new DSLRs that does great photos and HD.  Win win!  Whew!  Unfortunately it hasn’t been so easy.  My video camera sold on ebay, but the dude has yet to pay.  There is a Sony coming out soon called the A55 that seemed amazing until I found out more about the video options (no progressive?  seriously sony?).  Everyone knows the Canon 7d is the bomb for this, but it’s $800 more then the Sony or the cheaper Canon t2i.  So I think I’m probably going with the t2i once I get the money for my video camera.  After talking to Meta Sam (7d stud) he agreed that it’s probably not worth the extra $800 anymore and you can build up a better lens collection with that money.  So maybe Null will finally go HD and just maybe I can make video clips that are slowed down more than the Lakai intro.  Ok, you’re right, that’s not possible.