Suki Thai is my favorite restaurant in Boulder

Posted in Boulder CO, colorado on March 19th, 2010 by corpo

Seriously love this place.  It’s fast, cheap and everytime I have eaten there it’s been great.  They seem to have new items on the menu everytime we go there too.  So awesome.  Go there.

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The anatomy of skiers trying to be skateboarders

Posted in colorado on February 24th, 2010 by corpo

So last night the family was sitting down for dinner when two truckloads of skiers pulls up to the school across the street and start getting their gear out.  My kids said something about how there was some big jumps they saw at recess.  Kids were sliding down them.  Seeing as how the school is totally flat I thought it was a bit odd.  Turned out they have one of those wakeboard winch pulley things to get speed.  After awhile they turned on the generator and lights and started filming some “grinds?” over the fence in front of the school.  Ollie and I went out and watched for awhile.  It was pretty funny being a lurker after how bummed I’ve gotten on people lurking when I film the Null kids at night.  Anyways, a couple of these guys were pretty good.  They would go up, turn, slide about 15 feet then do 180s or 360s (helis?) out.  I say ‘heli’ because that’s what skiers called spins back before snowboarding became so popular.  And what’s with their gear?  Their pants sagged all the way to their ski boots.  Their jackets went to their knees.  Is it kind of like rollerbladers trying to prove how cool they are at the skatepark by sagging so far?  I don’t know man, they looked like clowns to me.  Maybe I’m just old.After awhile the cops ended up coming and it was funny because I’m pretty sure the cop hadn’t seen anything like that before.  I mean you know, if I haven’t seen it before (and I’m insanely hip to Xtreme culture being a skateboarder right?) then I’m sure the cops haven’t either.  The cop gave them a few more tries and told them to shovel up their mess and shook their hands when he left.  Neat.

We broke the record for number of days of 90 in a row. Ouch

Posted in colorado on July 31st, 2008 by corpo

hotI can’t skate in the sun when it’s this hot.  I’ve been napping after work then skating later on.  By then it’s perfect.