Nuggets! (sick day #3)

Posted in Jock news, sick day on March 4th, 2010 by corpo

I’m starting a new category here called ‘sick days’.  In other words, days where I didn’t skate.  Yesterday was my 3rd sick day of the year.  The last time I did a day without skating was Feb 4th and I have no idea why I didn’t skate that day.Anyways, I took advantage of my sick day by going to the Nuggets game with my visiting Romanian coworkers.  It was awesome.  The Nuggets killed the Thunder and we had a couple beers.  Great time!

The Nuggets were as flat as cake

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anthony carmelos birthday cakeMy brother Steve (left) and homie Zach went to game 6 of the West Conf Finals.  We were pretty hyped to get a piece of Carmelo’s birthday cake.  Too bad the Nuggets would come out as flat as the cake.Zakk Wylde played the national anthemYeap, Zakk Wylde played the national anthem.  Pretty funny.I didn’t take any more pictures.  That’s how bad the game was.  Next year Nuggets!

Family Nuggets photos

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gillinghamsWent to Game 1 of the Nuggets – Mavericks with my parents and Ollie.warm upsOllie was super excited for the game.  He’s a total 7 year old boy these days amd man it’s fun.rockyRocky the Nuggets mascot got pulled by huge cords to have enough speed to dunk it from the ramp ..slamBlurry photo of Rocky mid- air dunk.  ah father and sonBringing your boy to the game is beyond awesome.birdmanThe Birdman killed Game 1.  and the nuggets winThis was taken during the timeout in the 4th quarter after the Nuggets fast break that resulted in Melo dunking it.  The place went berzerk.  Best game I’ve ever seen.

Nuggets game 2 photos

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I’m not much of a couch jock, but I do love watching playoff basketball.  Zach, Sam, Maile and I went to game 2 against the Hornets.  The Nuggets blew them out.  Word!Zach with a nice guy face, me with a dork face to match being a dork and wearing the Nullets shirt.  “Dude I totally started the 4/20 rallies back in the day”This was during the 11-0 run where the Nuggets pulled away for good.  Smith for 3 and it was good. The crowd was hyped!