Squirrel Bros short film

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Ollie and his friends made a short film. And it rules!

My friends are awesome people

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As many of you know a few of us have been putting in tons of hours keeping an eye on Jason who is in his 5th year of fighting ALS. He is one tough dude. This experience has been crazy, wonderful and exhausting. I couldn’t do it without my friends. These people are some of the greatest people on earth!

My son the athlete

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Seriously jealous of how coordinated Ollie is. This was the second play of the game and the first play I attempted to film. He can beat me in any race now too and he’s normally laughing while he’s doing it. OH well, he’s an awesome kid. Happy 12th Birthday Ollie!

RIP Crouton

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best cat ever

Our family is saddened by the passing of our wonderful cat Crouton. He was three weeks away from his 19th birthday. This cat saw Liz and I turn into a family and was always a bundle of joy. He was such an amazing cat that converted me from a dog lover to a cat lover. He was great with the kids when they were young and chose to sleep next to Ollie for the last few years. He will be missed dearly by our family and anyone at our house with a lap. Ha.

Congrats Fuzz & Leslie!

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Congrats to Fuzz and Leslie! One of the cutest couples out there.

Lots of fun was had all day and at the reception. Can’t believe our son Jack got kicked out. Geez, what bad parents Liz and I are. Ha, Jack and everyone else in this photo you rule!

Jack photos

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Jack’s blog has some fun photos from recent session. Peep it here.

St Louis skate spot

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Saw this photo on The Skateboard Mag site and it stoked me out so much. It was directly across the street from the hotel I stayed at in St Louis. It reminded me of the week I had there that I took advantage of to it’s fullest. Even with tons of knee pain I skated three of the four nights I was there. Man it was fun. On a side note, I’m not on my 6th month of not being near 100%. Yikes.

Liz knows the way to my heart is ..

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.. is through J Mascis! Just look at this hand painted Valentines Day card inspired by a J Mascis t-shirt I have. Ahh, so cute. The Mighty LZA really knows the way to my heart! Ha.

The t-shirt:

More clips that make me miss skateboarding, knee is getting better, Carleigh’s blog rules it

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Lucas Puig can stack footage!

Jordan Sanchez. Quick feet, lots of up/down curb tricks which are my favorite, good style ….

My knee is feeling better. My arthritis isn’t so much. It’s been 3 weeks of no jumping with 1 – 3 more. I can’t wait to skate again. Hopefully I remember some tricks. I had a dream I grabbed someones board, did a perfect treflip and handed it back. Felt so good in my dream. Ha. Ollie just bought EA SKATE 3 for the PS3 so hopefully that will help tide me over.

Had a really fun Sunday with the Null crew and Jason. Thanks dudes (and dudette)!

Feeling really old

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Since I’m on a possible two month break from skateboarding while tendonitis heals I gotta find new ways to occupy my time. Last night I went for a long walk. I don’t really care for walking around neighborhoods at night. It’s just creepy. So I went to campus and roamed around looking for new spots, but mostly just saw spots I already knew about. Spots I’ve had fun at. I stared at pieces of concrete in ways that no one except skaters can relate to. That made me feel pretty good. But then the reality of why I was walking around campus instead of skating set it. I felt like an old man looking back at his youth. It was really depressing. I know I’m supposed to be 100% at some point, but I don’t know that. I really don’t. My arthritis has been pretty bad the last couple days. It’s supposed to go away, but it keeps returning. So even if I didn’t also have tendonitis I wouldn’t be able to skate right now. I’m trying to stay optimistic, but it’s not easy.

Sorry for the downer. Getting old sucks. I know that even if I can never skate again I still have a pretty great life ahead of me. It’s just tough to not be able to do something that has been a huge part of me for most of my life.