Things still aren’t good

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Another 10 days of pain has gone by with no improvement. Yesterday was one of the worst yet. Ugh. After some advice from my aunt who has Rhuematoid Arthritis I went to my general practitioner. We took a new blood sample and the results showed yet again some potential for a strep infection. The initial synovial fluid sample on 10/26 showed a very high streptozyme count (386 when 200 is considered high). Liz and I mentioned this to the arthritis dr and he said it was nothing. That was a test of fluid from my knee. The new sample was blood which doesn’t show strep bacteria count, but instead shows strep antibodies called Antistreptolysin. This also gets flagged as high if the count is greater than 200. MINE WAS 10379.5!!! INSANE! So my GP prescribed me Amoxicillin. I started it yesterday evening. The above photo was taken before I went to sleep as both ankles had swollen up worse that they have yet. They weren’t super painful. Anyways I woke up this morning feeling better. I got out of bed before taking a painkiller for the first time in awhile. I’ve had a few ups and downs so it’s to early to say if the Amoxicillin is doing the trick, but I’m not complaining. At least it makes perfect sense to me to be taking it when the lab results show there is a good chance I have a strep infection.

My status

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Things aren’t going good.  On Thursday I was diagnosed with probable Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I was given a shot of steroids and a new prescription of steroids.  The theory was I should get much better.  Unfortunately I ended up getting worse.

Saturday was the worst.  I was unable to get out of bed and ended up back at urgent care.  My arthritis Dr called when he heard I was still getting worse.  He agreed I should stop taking the anti inflammatory steroids and get more blood work done. 

Its been three weeks of pain now and I don’t know what’s wrong yet.  All my muscle is gone.  Liz thinks it might be lyme disease.  Hopefully the lab results show something tomorrow.  This sucks.

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Playing Jack’s overbearing Skate Dad

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Jack and I had this idea a couple years ago, but haven’t been able to make it work until now. We had fun. Well, at least I did jocking out and yelling that my kid was the best 16 year old skater in Colorado. The worst part is there were parents in attendance that think this behavior is acceptable. Check out lot’s of photos on Carleigh’s blog here.

Dean got lot’s of good photos here and here too.

Here’s a couple “Skate Dad” phone clips from the a flyout session.

Such a fun day even if I couldn’t skate at all and mostly had to just sit down. I guess the limp added to the Skate Dad character anyways. Check even more photos here on Jack’s blog.

I Feel The Pain Of Everyone (in my hand)

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I’m on a real bad run. Last week was the flu, this week it’s an unexplained arthritis flare up that the doctors can’t explain yet. This week has been pure hell. It started Sunday afternoon with aches and pains which continued into monday. Monday night my pinky toe on my left foot turned bright red and hurt so bad I could not sleep. Tuesday I went to urgent care and they said it was an infection. They pumped me full of antibiotics. Went back Wednesday and it was a tiny bit better, but they still pumped me full of antibiotics. They drew lines on me where the infection was and said if it goes beyond these lines to go to the emergency room immediately. I went to work. Got home and checked and what do you know the red was way beyond the lines and now in my left wrist and right ankle. Ugh. Went to ER where they put me on IV antibiotics as seen above. They still thought it was an infection and they made an appointment for me the next day to see an infection specialist.

That night my wrist starting hurting in ways I cannot describe. It might be the most intense pain I have ever felt. I was taking three different antibiotic prescriptions between urgent care and ER. I went to my appointment at the infection specialist. Within a few minutes of looking at me he says it’s not an infection and setup an appointment for me with and arthritis expert. He said to throw away the antibiotics I was taking. WTF! Ugh! I go to the arthritis guy and my hand hurts so bad it felt like somebody was constantly hitting it with a hammer. Or maybe even a sledgehammer. This guy says I’m finally in the right spot and says it is arthritis related. He doesn’t know what though. They take more blood, take fluid from my knee and collect a urine sample to try and figure it out. He prescribes me some anti-inflammatory steroids and Vicoden (yes!!!) and says he’ll get back to me with the lab results. I leave and while I’m waiting for the prescription the pain was so insane in my left hand I couldn’t believe it could get worse.

So here I am four days after going to urgent care and I still don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m waiting to here from the arthritis guy. The pain in my hand has gone down a little bit, but it’s still unbearable. My left foot, right ankle, left knee feel better. Thank god for vicoden.

Carleigh’s blog kills it

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Lots of great photos from last weekend. Go there now!

how not to crooked grind

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Dean and I had little photos in the about page of Nullozine. Here’s my photo. A crooked grind that went the distance. And by the distance I mean less then an inch. But at least there is concrete proof that I finally skated something taller then a curb. Ha. Thanks for the photo Dean.

1.21 gigawatts!

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If you know how OCD I am about gas mileage then you know I was freaking out when I saw 121.4 mpg. I had filled up in Leadville and this was the mileage as I coasted downhill out of town. 1.21 gigawatts!

My new bike!

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My dad was an avid biker and had a few expensive bikes. My mom decided to buy our family new bikes with the money from selling my dad’s bikes as a memory of him. So here we go. My new bike for cruising around the town. It’s a 21 speed and I love it. Already made a few grocery store runs and a beer store run.

Got the full on rally fun pack with this one.

India’s new cruiser 3 speed. Ollie and Liz already had relatively new bikes so they didn’t need new ones too. Liz got some new accessories like fenders and basket though. Now we’re an official Boulder family biking around everywhere.

Fruit and veggie cleanse time

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It’s been a couple years since I’ve done the three day fruit/veggie only fast/cleanse. I’ve been wanting to lose some weight and this is one way I did it in the past plus it cleans you out. So three days of fruits and veggies only. No soy, no dairy, no meat, no nuts, beans, popcorn, beer, etc. The first day was pretty easy. A big bowl of fruit for breakfast, a salad for lunch and a few bananas throughout the day to keep me full. The above photo was dinner and it was great. Onions, potatoes, zuchini, tomatoes, parsley and I enjoyed it. It could have used some hot sauce, but that’s against the rules.

Day 2 was not as easy. It was a saturday and I went out skating all day in almost 100 degree weather. Breakfast was fruit again and I was already hungry before leaving for skating. I brought some baked potatoes and sweet potatoes in olive oil, cherries and one avocado. Lets just say I was starving beyond believe when I got home to make the above dinner. Kale and potatoes. That wasn’t enough it turns out as I would toss and turn all night because I was so hungry. Ugh.

Day three. Breakfast was fruit again and I was getting kind of over it. I wanted milk, yogurt, eggs, something with more fat. Being hungry and it being nearly 100 again made me so lazy.

Lunch on day three. It was decent. Kale, Zuchini, Sweet Potatoes, Potatoes, Green Onions. It didn’t satisfy my hunger, but I guess that’s the point of the three day diet, to starve a bit eh?

Day 3 dinner was a tough one. We were at a birthday party for India’s friend and we’re friends with her parents so we were there. I had to turn down sushi, chicken, cupcakes, beer and other goodies. Our friends knew I was on this diet though and they hooked it up. Veggie only rolls which were yummy (the dark red is beets, not raw fish). I also had a ton of potatoes and ate til I couldn’t eat anymore hoping to be able to sleep better. It kinda worked. So there we go, I survived. I weighed myself the day after this was done and was down about three pounds. Wahoo! Now, the hard part, to keep it off ..

Fun with the kids

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I have to admit that my dad dying a month ago has changed me. I’ve been way more into spending time with the kids and getting stuff done around the house. Over the weekend I built a new crawl space cover and the kids helped me paint it. So fun.

And last night was baseball with Ollie in the rain. No home runs for him, but he did catch a few pop balls I hit out to outfield. So fun.