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Pretty Epidumbic!

Hell yeah Obama!

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The exact requirements and process for selecting a Nobel Peace Prize laureate can be vague and secretive. But we think we’ve cracked the code for 2009 winner and favorite Chicago president of all time Barack Obama. Way to go B!

10. He wanted to make The Onion write a correction.

The Onion

9. He likes Europe and tries to have reasons for his jaunts across the pond.

Obama and Sarkozy

8. Cuz he’s pretty and he talks good too.

John McCain and Obama

7. He’s a lover, not a fighter. Except for that one time with the light saber.

Obama saber

6. He doesn’t let a little thing like results get in his way.


5. He wanted to prove the audacity of hope.

Obama book signing

4. Prospects for a Chicago 2020 Olympics doesn’t seem as far-fetched, now do they?

Chicago 2020 Olympics logo

3. Sales of his Chia pet and other branded merchandise needed a boost.

Obama Chia pet

2. He’s a Sox fan.

Obama Sox

1. Remember Martti Ahtisaari, who won it last year?! Exactly. The committee got the memo.

Martti Ahtisaari


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Seriously people, quit your bitching.  Every president speaks to the kids.

skate journal: Solo Willville, ledges with Jason, Wind (Nov 24)

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Had the day off work and finally got around to setting up a new board and wheels.  Couldn’t think of anywhere I really wanted to skate so I just took off down the bikepath from my house and ended up at Willville.  The bikepath was so fun.  I pushed fast and was borderline speed wobbles at points.  Rad.  I dorked around on the bank manny pad thing for awhile and even landed a run I probably would use for Off The Couch.  Halfcab flip, boneless polejam bash thing, manny.  Maybe I’ll go back sometime.  I then tried it with a 360 flip and couldn’t land one to save my life.  I’m going to blame it on the new setup.  After awhile Jason showed up and we went to the Iris and 30th ledge.  Neither of us skated all that good, but I had fun and came within one of my 360 flip quota.  Oh I forgot to mention, it was super calm and nice out all day until I went skating and it got super windy.  I hate you wind!


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Pre election electoral map

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obamaThis was taken from on Nov 3rd.  We’ll see how accurate they were in a day or two.obamaThis one is from

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So sick of John McCain flip flopping

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So sick of this dude.  Please vote for Obama.


The Real McCain

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I’m more interested in politics then ever.  It’s gonna be a lot of political updates until the election.  I had respect for McCain until I started doing my homework.    Here’s a couple clips that lay it out pretty well.

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This made me laugh

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republican hypocrats

OK, the political updates start

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And yes, I read up on politics so it’s not like John Stewart is the only one I pay attention to, it’s just he is the funniest.