skate journal: “working from home” solo rampy session (Dec 19, 2012)

Posted in Rampy on December 19th, 2012 by corpo

Was told to work from home in the “blizzard”. It only snowed a couple inches, but I still bailed on driving to work. Around 4 I skated for about an hour on Rampy. I went out with the intention of learning some old man tricks, but I didn’t end up even really trying any. Instead, after doing some basics I resorted to trying kickflip axle stalls or 360 flips on flat. Maybe my first viewing of the DGK video is too blame. That video has lots of flippers in it. Basically every time I bailed on the kick 50 I would try a 3 flip. As you know there isn’t much flat on Rampy, so I was pretty excited to land any at all. I got 4 of them, but landed on about 20. As far as the kick fitty I came surprisingly close to getting into one. That’s why I kept trying it. I’ve never done that trick on any halfpipe before. It’d be way easier on a mellower/less tight ramp.

stoner owned and operated.  oops, i mean skater owned and operated

Almost forgot to mention I had new shoes! Huf Southerns. These shoes are crazy weird. They come with an insole that is super thick in the sole and really stiff. So I took it out and put two flimsy insoles in it. Seems to work so I guess I’ll see how it goes.

skate journal: Rampy grand reopening kind of (Nov 15, 2012)

Posted in Rampy, Skate Journal on November 16th, 2012 by corpo

Rampy upgrade is done! Well, kind of. I finished cleaning up the garage and applied another layer of Salba sauce then helped Ollie with his math homework so he could come skate Rampy. I was super nervous that the coping would stick out too far or break (after seeing the chunks out at the Launch ramp I was extra scared). Sometimes I’m an ok dad and I let him have the first drop in. He seemed pretty hyped. And he had some good runs doing his basics which are rock fakies, tail stall, fakie ollies, body varials and coffins (yes he gets back up somehow). He also got one little scratch grind. My first run was pretty fun. I mostly just did a few backside grinds. It’s sticker then the steel coping obviously and it’s a big change. The coping didn’t stick out too far although I wish it would have been in a little more. Oh well. I did have a couple grinds through two tiles that felt awesome. Everything felt more fun actually. Front Ds were way harder though. Unfortunately after awhile the coping started chipping in ways that I didn’t want to keep skating. I think I’ll get some of that industrial curb paint and cover the coping in it to help protect it a little. I’m hyped though, Rampy might be even a little harder to skate now, but grinding concrete is way funner then steel. Just gotta get that coping a little protected.

Rampy is basically done!

Posted in Rampy on November 15th, 2012 by corpo

Finished the decks last night and Salba Sauced the coping. This photo is from the laundry room so you can see that I added onto the deck a little. Gonna be weird having room to stand on that side now too. Just gotta clean up and maybe add some grout under the coping where it meets the masonite. But it’s skateable. Might hit it tonight ..

Rampy is getting upgraded to Pool Coping!

Posted in Rampy on November 14th, 2012 by corpo

I got some free pool coping awhile ago and couldn’t resist the urge to make little Rampy even harder to skate. Skelly, Carleigh, Ollie and Jake helped us get close to finishing the upgrade on Sunday.

It was fun learning this process and doing the grouting between tiles. I just have to finish the decks and get some Salba Sauce on the coping.