sick days 48 – 52 Dec 22 – Dec 26

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Christmas time at the parents in Buena Vista.  Couldn’t fit Ollie and I’s skateboards in the car with all the Christmas stuff.  Well, actually, it wasn’t the Christmas gifts to blame so much, but the snowboards.  Ollie had been wanting to go snowboarding for awhile so we did that the day after Christmas.  The holiday was nice and chill.  Snowboarding with Ollie was a battle.  I’ve never carved so much trying to go slow to ride with him.  My feet were sooooo sore.  We had a blast though and Ollie did good on his first real day of snowboarding.

sick days 46&47 Dec 16, 17 2010 UGH

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Thursday night (16th) was spent taking 210 skateboards out of boxes, marking the size and putting them on the shelf.  Then grocery shopping and running other Christmas related errands.  I didn’t want to skate anyway.Friday though, Friday SUCKED.  First off work sucked really bad.  Most of you know by know that I work with the real life version of Ned Flanders.  Well on this Friday his college sophomore daughter was driving solo back from school to home in Longmont.  She is 20 years old, but apparently it’s a huge deal for her to be driving a whole six hours.  Ned wanted updates every 15 minutes.  This girl was home schooled in high school, but this was ridiculous.  Literally every 15 minutes he would get on the phone with her.  When it reached the end of his work day he raced home before her to videotape her pulling into the driveway.  Pathetic.  So yeah, I’m already in a bad mood, but it looked like things were gonna get better.  Liz was feeling better and both kids were having sleepovers at friends so Liz was gonna join me at Brian’s for the Trick Factory white elephant christmas party.  So stoked.  But the second I got home I got called for work.   I ended up being on a call for over five hours.  I was furious.  When I finally got off the phone at 11:30 Liz was asleep so I tried to as well.  After a day like that with no exercise or anything I tossed and turned all night.  I’m writing this at 7:30 am on a saturday because I couldn’t sleep and I’m still in a horrible mood.  Ugh.   Hopefully today goes better.

sick day #45 Dec 13, 2010

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Man it rules not forcing myself to skate when my body or mind isn’t up to it. Unfortunately though it was super nice out. Instead I played Wii tennis/boxing with Ollie and worked on Liz’s computer which still isn’t working.

sick day #44 Dec 10, 2010

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These sick days is gonna pile up now!  I got home from work, watched Leave It To Beaver with India, helped with Dinner then played Rock Band before falling asleep kinda early.  Pretty much awesome.  Do I even need to keep track of sick days anymore?

sick day #43 Dec 8, 2010

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Could have been day #300, but I wanted to chill a day and give my legs a break.  Ended up bringing India and a friend of hers to the CU Women’s Basketball game.  It was a blast.  I would have liked to see CSU make it a closer game though.

sick day #42. 12/3/2010. Totally slacking.

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I’ve been fighting a cold all week and having to work earlies.  I felt pretty run down and Liz and I were to go on a date so I didn’t have a whole lot of time.  I probably would have skated if the wind wouldn’t have prevented outside from being an option.  Instead I sat home, watched a movie and setup my filming board since my kids gave away my old one on accident.  I’m super hyped to skate it.  It’s more of a cruiser than a “filmer” board though.  The wheels are some OJ III softies.  60mm and like 72 durometer.  Slap some old Indys and it’s gold.

sick day #41 (Nov 29, 2010) RIP Leslie Nielsen

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Tired, not feeling too well, sore, it was cold out, I didn’t feel like skating, wanted to just sit and watch Airplane while eating popcorn so I did.

sick day #40 Nov 17, 2010

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Tired, still a stiff/sore neck/back and not much time before the Meta premiere.  Spent it burning TF and Vortex dvd teaser.  Then the premiere which was totally awesome.  More on that later.

sick day #39 Nov 16, 2010

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Still got mad back/neck pain.  Suck.

sick day #38 Nov 15, 2010

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This one is embarrasing. I hurt my back/neck lifting weights at the gym. I used the time to attempt to finish the null teaser and watch the Nuggets lose. It really hurts. Might be a few days before I can skate. Ugh.