skate journal: short flatground in front of the house with new stuff (aug 2, 2017)

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533v2 nbnumeric

Went out in front of the house for a bit on a really nice night and totally struggled in new stuff. I had the new 533v2 shoes (thanks Tytus!) and a new 8.25 Jack deck. The shoes are more comfy for sure, but different. I didn’t get much chance to break them in so they were extra stiff. Got some kickflips, shoves, halfcab flip, but it took awhile. Landed on a couple treflips, but didn’t get one. Then just hucked one of every trick for a bit. Got close to a few, but never got any more tricks.

(setup 8.25 null jack spanbauer deck, venture 5.2 AWAKE lows, venom 90a bushings, 1/16″ riser, spitfire 101a 51mm F4 wheels, 3 washers on the inside of each axle, nbnumeric PJ 533v2 black/white/gold 11.5, spenco 3/4 thinsoles with stock insoles)

skate journal: broomfield park then stonehenge with everyone! (june 8, 2017)

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A small sample of yesterday @boredzinejp @ericjeckert #coloradicalsabbatical2017 @idrawmazes @ditchlife

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After being in so much pain just skating a little the night before I tried something new. NB# 868s with old stock NB insoles. At first the crew was Joe, Damon, Rob, Neil and me. We played a game of SKATE. My new shoes were feeling great and I actually got first try heelflip and halfcab flip. I ended up losing to Damon, but it was a good warm up. Then I went to get Josh and when I got back the rest of the Nebraskans where there. Eric, Matt and Dan. After a quick hello the shredding commenced. Josh, Eric and I hit the steep bank for a bit. Josh’s front disasters were sick. I took a lot of tries for the front rock. Jack showed. Carleigh showed. Remembering what everyone did is impossible. Especially several days later. I will say I was impressed with how hard Rob was ripping (back lip the parking block!). Jack too. I guess it’s more expected with Jack, but it’s always kind of mind blowing.

First spot #coloradicalsabbatical2017 #weekendatgrennys2tokyodrift #momsspaghetti

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Then we went to Stonehenge. I was incredibly sore. Too sore to kickturn on the barrier. I hucked some pivots and stalls on the bank to curb, but not much worked. Josh, Dan and Eric were hitting the barrier. Josh did a feeble on it. Dan fakie tail and fakie disaster. Eric rock to fakie. It rained for awhile. Eventually it dried up and we hit things again. I got a terrible no comply to tail on the bank to curb. Josh did nose picks. Joe had some moves too. Nolan showed and after a few warm up bank to curb tricks went nuts on the barrier. “Hey Glen, should I do the blunt bigspin again?” Dan also did fakie tail revert. Eric decked his boardslide fakie. Richard showed and did front tail revert. Damon did frontside feeble. Nolan did everything.

(setup 8.25″ null spanbauer deck, venture 5.2 high v-hollows, venom 88a bushings, bones sft v3 52mm wheels, 3 washers on the inside of each axle, bronson raw bearings, nbnumeric 868 12 black/gum with old stock NB# insoles)

skate journal: solo willville struggles but fun (june 1, 2017)

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After work it was raining. I chilled at home for a bit and it dried up and was super nice out. I biked over to Willville and started the slow warm up process. I had new shoes. My legs were sore, the plantar fasciitis pretty bad. I tried pretty hard though. I just felt like trying lines. It took a bit, but I got a couple while. Boardslide pop out the double sided ledge, ollie onto the skate stopped ledge and ride off, flatground ollie (tech!) then nose manual into the bank. Going the other way I struggled a bit more, but would eventually get a line I liked. Curb jib, no comply 180, halfcab flip, noseslide the wider ledge then ride down the narrow path along the wall. Other tricks I got were a tiny crook jib on the double sided ledge, boardslide the wide ledge, tiny front board and tinier front noseslide on the wider ledge, fakie flip. Tried some treflips, nollie flips, switch flips. The first two were close. Also tried switch 180 manual into the bank and switch ollie up the curb then switch 180 into the bank but the switch ollie up was harder than I wanted it to be.

(setup 8.25″ null spanbauer deck, venture 5.8 lights, venom 88a bushings, bones sft v1 50mm wheels, 3 washers on the outside of each axle, old bad bearings, nbnumeric quincy 254 12 gum/cream, remind cush insoles)

skate journal: garage manuals then some “ledge” tricks (may 22, 2017)

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Went out to the garage feeling pretty sore, but kind of wanting to skate more again and deal with the pain like I used to. It almost seems like being constantly sore is better than the sore I get after a few day break. I had put some old STFs on instead of Spits and started the new shoe break in period on some new PJs (this time with “Hyperfeel” like grooves that I cut into the sole for added flexibility). I did the no pop manuals for awhile first, then some regular manuals. Then I skated the pink bench top for awhile. It actually took a few tries to commit to back 50 over the corner. Kind of sad, but whatever. Then I did a few front 50s and was out.

(setup 8.1 null rabethica deck, venture 5.2 high trucks, venom 91a bushings, 50mm STF V1 wheels, new balance numeric pj 533 “hyperfeel” black/gum 12, remind cush chico orthotic insoles)

skate journal: brief mess around (march 20, 2017)

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Had to run to Meta to sell boards and decided to pick up a pair of vulcs to try and spend more money and try yet another shoe. I ended with yet another pair of NBs. It wasn’t really by choice, but it was all Meta had in my size. Maybe they were still available because they were all white? Anyways, I went to a random spot which ended up being the new bus station off Pearl & 30th. I felt like a complete beginner on a skateboard. I worked up to a line which was front 180 up the curb, switch 180 on flat then noseslide this ledge (which is pretty tall). It felt cool to street skate. I also had a couple of kickflips that felt great. I had cut my superfeet insoles so it was just the orthotic part and put an Adidas insole over it. It felt good. And actually these shoes are really roomy in the toe area which really seemed to not make my plantar fasciitis worse. maybe there is some truth to all those people saying barefoot is the best cure for plantar fasciitis. That was all I did skating, but it was really comforting that I skated and didn’t immediately start feeling lots of pain.

(setup 8.5 Null Ollie deck, venture 5.8 wides, 3 washers outside each axle, Venom 88a bushings, 52mm Spitfire F4 conical 99a pink/purple wheels, bronson bearings, New Balance Numeric 344 white superfeet 3/4 insoles with a thin adidas insole on top)

skate journal: short garage “manual” session (feb 23, 2017)

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Been sick for a couple of days, but started feeling better. Had PT earlier in the day and he said I shouldn’t really skate yet. But I just couldn’t hold out any longer. I went in the garage and did some no ollie manuals for awhile. It was fun. My knees are feeling better. Hopefully it’s the exercises I’ve been doing that’s making them feel better, and not just the lack of skating. I think cupsoles with orthotics helps too.

(setup 8.25 null future board, venture 5.8 wides, 3 washers outside each axle, Venom 88a bushings, 52mm stf v5 wheels, bronson bearings, NB# PJ 533 black/gum 11.5 superfeet insoles)

skate journal: indian peaks bank with fuzz, carleigh, dave and ollie (feb 11, 2017)

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Father and son. @corpoglenny & Ollie

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I guess Ollie was kind of hyped on skating after we went over to Saul’s and did a little help get the decks framed. It was cool to see it come together. I had told Ollie we would get to see concrete being poured, but that didn’t end up happening yet. I guess it seemed more appealing to push concrete around than pull up little twigs. Ha. But either way after lunch I asked if by chance he would want to skate and he surprisingly said yes. I was hyped. We met at Indian Peaks in Longmont around 3. I was back on vulcs. Some comfier Reynolds with a big Nike insole in them. This hurt my fasciitis less, but this spot is all pushing so it still hurt. Carleigh did a first ever nollie shove on a bank before I could do either of my normal bank warm up tricks (no comply bigspin and kickflip). I was struggling. Dave had tried a frontside halfcab, but did some weird revert that was so sick. Then Ollie did a f/s halfcab first try to show him up. Ha. Ollie would go on to do quite a few tricks. Halfcabs both ways, fakie shoves, cannonball to fakie, some little ollies, He played some hoops at times, sat in the playground, did some stuff, but he skated quite a bit too and said he had a really good time. Carleigh basically learned and did bean plants every try. The first one had a few hesitations and was hilarious. That trick is seriously hard to jump back into. Fuzz had did his gonz cab to warm up, did the fakie shove revert (again ha), fakie wallride and put down a few fakie varial heels! So sick. I did no comply front shove to fakie and no comply fingerflip to fakie, but couldn’t get no comply 360 shove to fakie. Tried cab flips for a bit, but didn’t get close. Dave landed like 100 tricks. Wallie, wallride, front shove, switch front shove, kickflips, bean plants, 360s, and a million more I can’t remember. We ended it as Carleigh tried fakie flips and I tried treflips to fakie. I never got too close. Carleigh though, she stomped it and we called it a day.

(setup 8.25 null logo board, venture 5.8 wides, 3 washers outside each axle, Venom 88a bushings, 50mm spitfire F4 99a classic wheels, bronson bearings, Emerica Reynolds Vulcs b/w 10.5 nike lunarlon insoles)

skate journal: garage flatground with some new stuff (jan 25, 2017 day 14)

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Stopped off at Meta after work as my OCD for some vulcanized shoes needed to be satisfied. I ended up with some Lakai Manchesters. I had also setup some new AWAKE Venture lows I got at Emage over the weekend. I am pretty set on trying to keep this setup for awhile. Anyways, warming up went ok actually. The flick of a vulc is so fast compared to a cupsole. The board feel was great, and the cushion enough that I wasn’t scared to commit like I was in those god awful NB+ 212s. I got into the list a bit then when doing heelflips I decided to film some for the heck of it. It kind of motivates me. Plus I think it helps to see what I’m doing wrong. Anyways, most of the tricks came quickly, except for the dreaded treflip which took almost 30 minutes. Ugh. That kind of drained me so I didn’t get to try the switch front heel for long. Oh well.

(setup 8.25 null logo board, venture 5.25 AWAKE lows, 1/16″ riser, 3 washers inside each axle, Venom 90a bushings with no bottom washer, 50mm spitfire F4 99a classic wheels, bronson bearings, Lakai Manchesters black/white 11)

skate journal: flatground then saulside struggles (jan 15, 2016 day 8)

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Feeling completely overwhelmed by the world and after hanging at Jason’s for several hours I skated flat in front of my house for awhile. I had put the wide trucks back on. Yeah yeah, so I’m crazy. I know it. But considering how badly I struggled with fakie flips yesterday it’s clear that 8″ trucks versus 8.5″ don’t make the difference. It went ok. I wore some new PJ 533s since they are stiffer hoping it would help my fasciitis pain. They did. I struggled with all tricks, didn’t have much drive, but kept at it. I landed a terrible nollie tre with both hands down. It still made me happy though. tried halfcab heel for awhile, didn’t get too close. Tried a bunch of 360 flips until I got a very slow one hand down land. I’ve been slacking on flatground and really want to get 3 flips back. I counted it and went to Saul’s. There was a crew of rippers there. I guess they are Satellite crew. They were all nice and ripping. Saul was ripping too. He goes faster and grinds further every time I see him. My bigger wheels and new bearings helped me skate faster, but surprisingly I bailed back 50 after back 50. It was kind of annoying. I did have fun though, got a few other things I’ve done there before.

(setup 8.25 null logo deck, venture 5.8 trucks, pink/purple spitfire 52mm 99a F4 conical wheels, venom 88a bushings, new balance numeric PJ 533 black/white shoes)

skate journal: all new stuff with a really fun crew (jan 2, 2017 day 1)

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@jackspanbauer 😍

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After my first day off in 366 days I met up with Jack at the Engineering building on campus. Nolan, Dave and Mike would follow shortly. I was on all new stuff and it felt insanely awkward. Even new shoes. I never once felt good on my board and quickly realized that the 366 day burnout was still in effect. Luckily I was with some fun people. Jack was ripping right out of the gates doing a line with a trick up the first 3 stair then noseslide pop out up the second one. Dave filmed it. I did a couple of terrible back 50s off the ledge, that was about it. Jack went on to get all kinds of stuff. Tricks that we initially were filming for Stubborns, but is so good it’ll probably go towards Null. Nolan Had some cool no comply combos and basic ledge tricks. Dave had some good slappy noseslides. We ended up getting the boot so we moved on to the bank to curb. My setup felt good for a bit ollieing up the curb easy. Jack had to go to work. Dave, Nolan and Mike all got tricks for The Stubborns. I had a couple of fun street plant drops off the nearby ledge/rail.

Then we went up to this curb. It had started getting really cold. I did nothing on it. Mike had no comply 5-0s and the boardslide 270. Dave and Nolan did a million tricks. I somehow only got a couple of Daves. We had heard some skate noises up on the bank to fence that was nearby. Shortly after that Max and Will rolled by and joined us. It was rad. Both of them ripped it. Shortly after that Jack and Carleigh joined. Such a rad crew. I was frozen solid and not really skating. Everyone else was ripping. We moved down to a new ledge spot that Max, Will and Jack destroyed. Dave got in on it too. I was so cold it was ridiculous. All in all a weird day. I skated terribly and didn’t like my new setup, but being around a rad crew is always fun.

(setup 8.5 null ollie deck, venture wides 5.8, pink/purple spitfire 52mm 99a F4 conical wheels, venom 88a bushings, new balance numeric 598 black/white shoes)