skate journal: breaking in new stuff and finding some sun (feb 11, 2018)

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OCD kicked in a bit and knew I needed some new wheels and shoes before Hawaii in a few days. So I hit 303 since they had the Es Swift. I added in some 52mm Spitfire F4s. I drove around Denver for a bit looking for something dry, but it was still pretty wet. I drove back to Boulder, parked at research center, changed my wheels out and twisted the new shoes around. I started on a new two stair area (not above), but it was pretty wet and boring. I went up near the Max G rail and was hyped to see they redid the concrete so the long two was skateable. I started slow, but ended up trying some hard runs for me. I could tell that the bigger wheels helped me ollie up the 2 stair (my old wheels were probably down to 47 or 48). I didn’t do many flip tricks, I just tried lines. I would start at the crappy ledge, go around a couple corners, ollie up the 2, then turn around and do a trick down them. I did boardslide, front 180 up, front 180 down. Then halfcab noseslide, ollie up, back 180 down. The back 180 down took a few tries so it took awhile. Then I tried halfcab boardslide, back 180 up, switch front 180 down. Man. The back 180 was killing me. I haven’t done a back 180 up anything in awhile and a long two was hard. But I’m stubborn and I stuck with it. Even when the sun went behind the mountains I kept at it. It got cold quick and my bushings froze up making for some funny and awkard switch pushes up the hill to the ledge. I finally got a back 180 up and of course missed the switch 180 due to some awkward pushing. About 10 tries later i got the back 180 again and the switch front 180 came easy. I was quite hyped on that line. Exhausted with sweat freezing I headed home.

(setup 8.25″ clutch sample deck, venture 5.25 awake lows, 52mm spitfire F4 101a classic shape, 3 washers on the inside of each axle, white venture bushings, es swift 1.5 black/white size 11, custom orthotic insole)

skate journal: mostly solo broomfield with dead legs (jan 3, 2018)

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Went to Broomfield park on a night where I mentally felt motivated to skate. After a quick stop at Crisis I arrived at the park and it was empty. I was pretty excited to skate it in ways that I would normally be too embarrassed to skate. But it became apparently quickly that my legs were toast. I had several squaty landings where my legs refused to stand back up and I fell over. Argh. I had some pop initially. Oh yeah, everything felt weird because I had new wheels. My previous wheels had worn down to mid 40mms so the new 50mms felt pretty large. I really tried to skate through it, but man I struggled. I was all over the place, trying tiny ollies 1/3 of the way up the brick qp, ollies on ledges instead of grinds, etc. I was hyped on an early line of front 50, boardslide the flat bar, turn around, 180 into the bank, switch front nose the ledge. Got a super slow fakie 50 f/s halfcab out. Wanted to do b/s halfcab out, but didn’t get close. Carleigh showed up after I had been skating for an hour or so. She had to setup a board. I was trying slow kickflips to fakie on the euro kicker and failing and noseslide 270 shoves where I didn’t get close either. I tried at least, it’s been awhile. Carleigh didn’t have much time to skate. But she got some. Kickflip, close to no comply flip, boardslide the black ledge, a good fall on a boardslide on the parking block. We ended on a couple basic tricks on the dark brick qp. Axle stalls. I took 3 tries to get a front slash.

(setup 8″ null Monico deck, venture 5.25 awake lows, 50mm bones stf v1, 3 washers on the inside of each axle, venom 91a bushings, new balance numeric arto 358 black/white size 11, custom orthotic insole)

skate journal: solo louisville on a cool night (nov 6, 2017)

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Went to Louisville park after a constructive night of loading footage and helping with dishes. There were a couple scooter kids when I got there. The temperature was slightly above freezing, but it didn’t feel that cold. I had a whole new complete so I expected and had a slow start. My first ride on grind was fun because of how fast my new Indys grinded. Indys? Yeah I’m trying them. I’ve really been liking the 8.5″, but wanted to reduce the wheelbase a little. Indys have a narrower wheelbase then Ventures. Simple solution. I also got the 8.25″ trucks so I would get a tiny bit quicker of a flip. Yes I’m a nerd. Back to skating, it took a bit before I started ollieing and stuff, but once I did it felt good. Got front 50s right away, noseslides, baby ollies. A skater showed up around now that flew around the bowls and wouldn’t say hello to save his life. I tried some lines as always and a bunch of silly tricks I only do when basically no one is around. Like ollies over the hip that I would normally be too embarrassed to do. My fav line was front shove on flat, crook the ledge, roll in to the snake run then a few back 50s and rock ‘n rolls. Had some fun fakie flips, got a halfcab noseslide, switch noseslides, but couldn’t do the over the top back 50. Got front 50, front 50 front 180 out, front 5-0, front 50 shove. Carved the pool a little. Got kickflip to fakie and backside on the bank, somewhat close to treflip fakie, didn’t get treflip on flat either. It was still a fun night though. Another skater had come and gone. At the end it was just me and an owl up on a light pole. It was cool. The indys seemed good, although stiff. It might be because I chose harder bushings or because it below freezing by the end of the night.

(setup 8.5″ null rabethica, indy black titanium 144s, spitfire f4 classic 53mm yellow/orange swirl, 4 washers inside each axle, venom 94a bushings, bones swiss, lakai manchester grey size 11.5, spenco thinsole, adidas majerus insole)

skate journal: brief meet up curb then redder curbs with dave (july 26, 2017)

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The rain was threatening. I had chilled with Liz for awhile then went to meet Dave (and hopefully Carleigh but she ended up not making it) at the meet up curb on campus. I was way more sore than I expected. Each ollie hurt, so I tried to avoid them for awhile. But you can only do so many slappy crooks. Oh yeah, I had some new wheels. 51mm Spit 101a F4. They felt big. Add in a 1/8″ riser and some different old NB shoes and that added to the struggle. I was like 0-5 on kickflips and kind of rolled my ankle on one. Dave was doing back 50s, ride on front tails, slappy noseslides and stuff. I was trying back 180 off the little kicker then switch front crook on the curb. It never worked, it was hard to land and be setup for the curb. Then it started pouring.

#thestubborns #almost

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So we went to Redder Curbs and had to warm up all over again. We did a few runs around the garage before sticking with no comply flips. Dave got his first. Can’t believe how close we got to back to back. That would have been so awesome. I really struggled with kickflips. My legs were hurting so bad. I think this is it for vulcs again. I would eventually kickflip over the parking block, but it was not easy and I was squatting for like 20 feet after since my legs could barely handle it. Ugh. Dave got a switch no comply over the parking block. He had some good back 50s on the kinked curb, slappy crooks, slappy feebles. I had a couple slow front 50s. Almost gave up on skating, but decided to stretch. It helped, but not much. Then we hucked 360 flips off a little kicker for awhile. Dave got insanely close once. I hurt too much so I sat and watched Dave.

(setup 8.25″ null rabethica deck, venture 5.2 AWAKE lows, venom 90a bushings, 1/8″ riser, spitfire 101a 51mm F4 wheels, 3 washers on the inside of each axle, nbnumeric 344 white size 11.5 with spenco 3/4 thinsole and footprints 5mm kingfoam insoles)

skate journal: all new stuff with a really fun crew (jan 2, 2017 day 1)

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@jackspanbauer 😍

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After my first day off in 366 days I met up with Jack at the Engineering building on campus. Nolan, Dave and Mike would follow shortly. I was on all new stuff and it felt insanely awkward. Even new shoes. I never once felt good on my board and quickly realized that the 366 day burnout was still in effect. Luckily I was with some fun people. Jack was ripping right out of the gates doing a line with a trick up the first 3 stair then noseslide pop out up the second one. Dave filmed it. I did a couple of terrible back 50s off the ledge, that was about it. Jack went on to get all kinds of stuff. Tricks that we initially were filming for Stubborns, but is so good it’ll probably go towards Null. Nolan Had some cool no comply combos and basic ledge tricks. Dave had some good slappy noseslides. We ended up getting the boot so we moved on to the bank to curb. My setup felt good for a bit ollieing up the curb easy. Jack had to go to work. Dave, Nolan and Mike all got tricks for The Stubborns. I had a couple of fun street plant drops off the nearby ledge/rail.

Then we went up to this curb. It had started getting really cold. I did nothing on it. Mike had no comply 5-0s and the boardslide 270. Dave and Nolan did a million tricks. I somehow only got a couple of Daves. We had heard some skate noises up on the bank to fence that was nearby. Shortly after that Max and Will rolled by and joined us. It was rad. Both of them ripped it. Shortly after that Jack and Carleigh joined. Such a rad crew. I was frozen solid and not really skating. Everyone else was ripping. We moved down to a new ledge spot that Max, Will and Jack destroyed. Dave got in on it too. I was so cold it was ridiculous. All in all a weird day. I skated terribly and didn’t like my new setup, but being around a rad crew is always fun.

(setup 8.5 null ollie deck, venture wides 5.8, pink/purple spitfire 52mm 99a F4 conical wheels, venom 88a bushings, new balance numeric 598 black/white shoes)

skate journal: research hill mostly flatground with carleigh, rob and fuzz (dec 3, 2016 day 338)

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Good times today. @_f_u_z_z @gnarlycarleigh @43shifty

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It looked nice and warm out and directly in the sun it was decent, but in the shade it was quite cold. Carleigh and I went to the research building to meet up with Rob and Fuzz. We were there first. We did a few hill cruises to start the warm up process. I actually got pretty motivated and hyped. I had gotten some new Bones STFs and thought I would like them. They felt pretty big as they are wide 52s. I had also put some old Venom 86a bushing in. They felt good. I was trying nollie flip or switch flip when going up the hill. Felt really close to nollie flips, but never got close. Carleigh was landing every kickflip. Fuzz and Rob showed and started the same way with cruises down the hill. The top of the hill was sunny and not cold, but bottom by the ledge was cold. I was trying some lines, but would still move on to the ledge when I bailed something. Got a terrible back 50, no regular crooks, first try really bad halfcab noseslide, a front 5-0 that was supposed to be a front 50. Rob and Fuzz manualed the downhill sidewalk. Rob had his steezy back 180s up the curb too. Fuzz was flowing some 180’s up/down. Carleigh was still landing every kickflip I saw and some pop shoves too. Rob started working on no comply flips up the curb. I believe he got one or two. Fuzz and I tried to do 5 flip tricks in a row. It turned into a tough battle. Fuzz settled on fakie flip, halfcab flip, kickflip, heelflip, backside flip. He would get the first 3 or 4 pretty often. I mixed it up more. I had several fakie bigflips which felt good, but would hardly land anything beyond the first trick. Then out of nowhere I put 5 tricks together. Kickflip, backside flip (oh so slow), fakie flip, halfcab flip, varial flip. I wanted to keep going, but instead I just laid down. Ha. That was it for me. Fuzz tried a few more times. Carleigh landed on a bunch of varial flips and landed one. Then we went out to dinner and hung out with Jason. It was fun times.

(setup 8.38 Null Riley deck, Venture 5.8s, Venom 88a bushing , 52mm Bones STF V5 wheels, washers on the outside, swiss bearings, NB# PJ 533 maple/black)

skate journal: brief flatground in front of the house after working most of the day (sept 24, 2016 day 268)

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randing a kickfrip

Ended up having to work basically all of Saturday. It sucked. Around 6pm I went out for a short flatground session. I was mentally not into it. I wished I had been able to skate all day. I mostly just hucked tricks for awhile. I came really close to nollie flip. Hands down treflip (the originally meaning of hands down. you know, with your hands on the ground). Tried switch front heel for awhile. I didn’t get much, but it did cheer me up to get out at least a little. Oh yeah, I had put some new little 50mm wheels on while I was on hold “working”.

(setup null message 8.125 deck, venture 5.2 v-hollow lows, 1/16″ riser, thunder bushings, 3 washers inside each wheel, 50mm STF V1, new balance numeric pj 533 steel/gum)

skate journal: mostly flatground fun on a rainy night (sept 1, 2016 day 245)

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Got out of work early, took a nap, then added a new setup to my collection. This one was a Null 8.25 with 8″ Venture highs and 52mm Spits. I felt better then the day before. Perhaps because I sat down more at work so my legs weren’t so tired. I started at the dog park as it was about to get dark. It felt good to roll around and flip tricks were starting, but it got dark right away and started to rain. So I went to the Valmont garages and started at Redder Curbs. It was fun to cruise around it even though I didn’t seem to land anything. I wanted to do halfcab heel and that garage isn’t too great for flatground. Well, the lighting at least. So I went into Blank Curbs and went to work. It took me about 20 minutes to get the one above. It felt so good I wish I didn’t have to see the footage. Ha. In between tries I mostly posed flippers like nollie flip (kind of close), nollie heel (not close at all, but there was some hope in there) and switch tre (no chance at all). I was not in a terrible mood for once and had fun. As much as I want to skate parks, I really hate the scenes at them sometimes. I don’t like spending my skate time with kids I don’t know playing with scooters. It kills me.

(setup 8.25 null riley persing deck, venture 5.2 hi, thunder bushings, 3 washers inside each wheel, 52mm spitfire f4 101a, new balance numeric pj 533 steel/gum)

skate journal: all new everything at the research ledge (july 27, 2016 day 209)

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So excited to set up a Riley deck that I went for a full new complete!

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new complete!

It seems like every single post I start by saying how tired I am. Well after an 8 hour drive, a short bike ride and some food I went out on a totally new complete for a brief session. I felt better then I thought I would though. I hate having a brand new complete so wanted to skate it initially on a ledge and not show up at a park with a brand new complete. A few noseslides in a huge mob of people went by following Pokemon or something. It was weird. I got a couple of crooks, a couple bad back 50s, couldn’t halfcab noseslide or front crook. Did a few real basic flippers and hucked some nollie and switch flips that felt close. Did a line of front 180 up the curb, fake flip on flat, switch front nose. Got tired and left. Not bad considering how tired I was and everything was new, even my insoles.

(setup 8.1 Null Riley deck, venture low v-hollows, stock thunder bushings, 1/16″ riser, 3 washers inside each axle, 52mm Reed wheels, New Balance Numeric Quincy denim/gum)

skate journal: all night marathon with the homies (june 23, 2016 day 175)

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Got out of work early, chilled, then ran to Meta and Crisis and had an hour to kill before leaving for Denver. I went to Safeway ledge. I was hoping to start the night off strong, but I didn’t. Everything was hard. I messed around with some nollie cab back tails. Never got it, but it seems possible. Did 50s both ways, got a kickflip back 50, another not-dipped-enough front smith or two, front 50 yank out. Jake showed, but it was time to meet at Crisis so we rolled over there.

Jake and I played on a parking block in front of the shop while we waited. It ended up being pretty fun. We did some basic pivots at first, some blunt pivots, etc. Rob and Dave showed as Jake and I put down our parking block enders. Jake did front nosepick and I got his back with front pivot kickflip out. That one hyped me up. Then we all tried some lines going down the parking lot. Rob ollied over a manhole to manual the whole parking lot. Jake was doing ollie over the manhole, powerslide then kickflip into a steeper section. I was trying switch front 180 over the manhole, powerslide the steeper section, kickflip up a curb, ride off a 2 stair, ollie up a curb to front rock. Did it all except for ride away from the front rock. Managed to flat spot my new wheels really bad too. Doh. Dave was going switch ollie over the manhole and some manuals around the sidewalk. Fuzz finished setting up his board and we left for Denver.

We parked by the pedestrian bridge and walked over it arriving at our first spot. Most were skating the round banked bases to the bridge. I was kind of stuck in a zone of trying to ollie a 3 stair then noseslide off a one stair so I didn’t really see what everyone did. I saw Dave do a front pivot. Fuzz joined me with some manuals then noseslide attempts. I couldn’t do the manual. I started doing a different line. Wallride the jersey barrier, ollie up a curb then crooks the ledge off the curb. I got it second try. The crooks made me happy, even though I couldn’t do it again. Jake was trying front tails. Dave was doing fast wallride/wallies. We moved on to the cheese wedge spot. Fuzz did front 50 down one. Dave did boardlide to fakie. Rob had front boards and a pretty gnarly slam on a boardslide (or maybe it was a halfcab boardslide?). Jake manualed up one. I posed back 50s. More pushing. I think next was a ledge spot against a fence with a lot of strop rocks. Everyone else skated a red curb near it for a bit. I posed on the ledge, got a back 50. Jake did front tail, front 50, noseslide. Fuzz did front 50. Then we crossed the street and found a really fun new spot. I saw Rob get a boardslide on a really fun looking granite ledge and we got the boot.

We went along the bikepath for awhile. But not before Dave slammed super hard on some gravel on one of the most painful looking slams I’ve seen in awhile. Doh. Ended up at a weird spot that only I skated. I tried a line of wallie nollie, kickflip up a crack and then ollie a weird 3 stair. I tried it for awhile and realized everyone had left. Took a minute to find them. Got some snacks and a 7-11.

#thestubborns out past bed time.

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Ended up here for awhile. Dave killed it with the 4 stair ollie then 4 stair firecracker. Also he ollied over the little skate stopper into the bank. I did the little back 90 tail drop into the double bank. Everyone skated the bank to skate stopper for a bit. With hands on the rails for assist. I tried to get a good photo, but nothing good came up. Lots and lots of pushing later we ended up at the skyline park granite ledge. I was too tired and sore to skate it. That says a lot. Jake put down a lot of tricks. Back 50, front 50, front 5-0, I don’t remember anymore, it was a blur. Dave did another fast boardslide to fakie, tried front crooks for awhile.

@_f_u_z_z #profilepic

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Then we went down into the old parking garage. Again, I was too sore and tired to skate it. Look at me pouting above. Rob had some halfcab boardslides and noseslides. Fuzz had some front 50s. Dave did boardslide to fakie again, front 50 nollie 180 out, back 50 nollie 180 out and I think switch crooks. Jake did too many tricks to name. 50s, front 5-0, front tail, front lip, crooks, crooks shove, 180 nosegrind, fakie nosegrind, fakie 50 halfcab out. Wowzers. That was it, we skated well past midnight.

(setup 8.25 null awkward vectors deck, thunder 147 HL stock bushings, 3 washers on inside of axles, 51mm bones stf v1, Es Swifts grey/white)