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I saw Babes In Toyland in Minneapolis at Lolla Palooza in 1993. It was awesome. They are from Minneapolis, so it was pretty epic to see a somewhat smaller band get so much love on the big stage.

The most famous of the girl grunge bands. L7 rules. Their next album Bricks Are Heavy was huge and a great excuse to play loud annoying grunge music when girls were around.

Tad was not my favorite, a little to rough for me, but this mellower song of theirs is great.

Time to get a little later in the 90s when slacker music ruled the world. Archers opening for Weezer (original blue album tour) was one of the best shows I’ve seen.

To find new music I used to record MTV’s 120 minutes every Sunday night. On Monday I would go through the show and hope to find new bands I liked. This video came on once and I immediately went to the record store to buy it. Treepeople is one of my all time favorite bands and at the top of my list for bands I wish I had seen live.

Pavement Ist rad. This band was huge. Everyone enjoyed Pavement. As a side note, they are way better live now then they were back in the day.

I wanted to pick a different Superchunk song, but the fact is this song is one of the greatest songs ever made.

Nirvana is of course the quintessential 90s band. And for good reason, they absolutely ruled. My brother paid $35 for the Hormoaning cd and we popped it in on the way up to Minneapolis to go look at new snowboards. We were so blown away by this song that we started moshing in the car. Ha. Oh to be young again.

If you make it through this song please let me know.

Okay, gotta end it with the greatest band of all time. This song was released in the 80s, but still played throughout the 90s. This band basically changed my life and turned me into who I am. They are still my favorite. I love how su

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songs of the day: mudhoney, smashing pumpkins, olivelawn, fluf, pegboy, afghan whigs

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I’ve been on a huge 90s kick as of late. Music was so good then. So here are a bunch of favorites I’ve been revisiting.

Song Of The Day: Mudhoney – Baby Help Me Forget

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Been on a big Mudhoney kick the last couple of days. This band rules.

Song Of The Day: Afghan Whigs – You My Flower

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I guess it’s been long enough since that terrible Afghan Whigs concert that I am hyped to hear their old songs again.


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With a new album on the way! This is great news coming at a time when I need good news. I love this song and have listened to it like 20 times already.

Clean Girls – Bloodlust, Virginia

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This band is ruling my world.

Paw – Dragline

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Today’s “song of the day” is a whole album. This band ruled snowboard video soundtracks in the early 90s and I was a huge fan. Saw them in Denver once at the Mercury Cafe. Such a great show. Such a great album and band.

Song of the day: Royal Heartache – Garbage

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Totally loving this band.

song of the day: Geto Boys – Mind Playing Tricks On Me

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Song of the day: Thee Oh Sees – Rogue Planet

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Been so hyped on this band after seeing them a few months ago.