Jason Heidecker animation by Rob Helmstetter

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Click the image for animation! We are having our memorial for Jason next weekend and Rob made this amazing animation of Jason’s classic 360 powerslide from Off The Couch.

CURB GEEZERS – digital cookie crumbs

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Fullertron killing it again.

Trick Factory sequence

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From last weekend. From left to right. Me, Bernie, Brian, Lazer, Jason, Neil, Carleigh and Dave Fuller with the coffin.

skate journal: TF Day! Fullers ramp and a couple bank spots in Longmont (Nov 17, 2012)

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Looking like another warm Saturday. A million phone calls were made and three cars of TFers migrated to Longmont to meet at Fullers ramp. The crew was Carleigh, Neil, Lazer, Jake, Jason, Bernie, Brian, Dave, Alec, Brandon and Jason. Jake got the session going with a marathon run with tons of good tricks. Remembering what everyone did two days ago is going to be impossible but I’ll try to remember at least a few from each. Neil, took a really long time to do a boardslide on the parking block side, has super good front disasters, did his best not to snake people too much. Brian, his white shirt was brown by the first run, love the fakie feeble 270 trick that I don’t really understand, did a beanplant to fakie I think (?) and a million more tricks. Jake was trying noseblunts on the parking block side, that pretty much says it all right there. He’s getting really good and landed almost every trick I’ve seen him do. Carleigh had some of the best back 50s I’ve seen her do. All fast. I don’t think she likes that ramp very much though. Alec and Brandon are the skate camp kids that Neil pays to be his friend (ha). They seemed sketched at first, but eventually were lining out the basics. Everyone knows Dave has the best style ever. Add a big bag of tricks and you have solid gold. Super good backside boneless and a ton more. Lazer was hyped and ripping. No stand out tricks I can remember, but that’s probably because he did too many. I skated it pretty good for me after a slow warm up period. Got some boardslides on the block side, front ds, can’t do smith grinds. Bernie took like 2 runs total. One where he slammed immediately and one where he was flailing around then did a perfect front tailslide on the parking block side.

Then we went to this bank and manny pad spot. We got the boot pretty quick. Not before Brian did a f/s wallride though! Neil and maybe Lazer got regular wallrides? I posed kickflip wallrides. Bernie did a cool manual.

Then we hit this bank spot. Everyone was playing on it initially. Brian almost got his back 540 on comply. That trick rules. Lazer did a proper kickflip with a backside rotation. Bernie did hardflip to fakie, f/s 360 kickflip and a few more flippers. Dave killed it! Cab bigspin! Boneless to tail, switch nose stall, steez. Carleigh was kind enough to film for awhile. During that time period I happened to get a bigflip and a noseslide on the low bar. Thanks Carleigh! I also got a fakie flip, but my switch mongo pushing was bad enough for Jason to laugh. Maybe I wont be giving up on that switch pushing after all Jack. Neil got pissed, got pissed, then landed a halfcab heel which as Brian pointed out is a trick we’ve never seen him do so why get upset? It was sick regardless though. Branden went buck trying to front 50 the low bar and landed a couple after holding on to the top bar and coming to a halt. Carleigh had a few ollies and was getting remotely close to 180 nosegrinds on the low bar. Then we took a group photo and called it a day. Super fun.

Congrats Fuzz & Leslie!

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Congrats to Fuzz and Leslie! One of the cutest couples out there.

Lots of fun was had all day and at the reception. Can’t believe our son Jack got kicked out. Geez, what bad parents Liz and I are. Ha, Jack and everyone else in this photo you rule!

Nullozine print coming and Crisis art show/ Anniversary party

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Issue One of Nullozine print is done! While the name is similar to this blog (without the jr though) it isn’t the same thing. It’s a Colorado skate zine. Issue One is heavy on the Null tip, but we hope to expand outside of our circle in future issues. Super hyped for this! Dean is largely responsible for it happening and I am super grateful to him and the others that helped with this. They are now printed and we will have them at the Crisis art show this Saturday!

Congratulations to Fuzz and all the hard work he’s put in the last year with Crisis. Happy one year anniversary and thanks for all the support! The party will be a blast. The art show will feature art from lots of friends and family. And when I say family I don’t just mean Trick Factory or Null dudes (which is totally awesome family!), but I also mean my family, as in Liz and Ollie. Yes, they will have art there too. See you at Crisis Saturday night!

King Of The Chode clip

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So hyped on this. Bernie edited it and did a bang up job. We had a blast.

Happy birthday Jason! 40!

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Jason is the first in our crew to turn 40 and some celebrating was in order! First was dinner at Sherpas and Kathy came out from SF and made Jason a cake! Yum!

Next up was 40s since it was a 40th birthday party! Ok, so maybe Jason and Fuzz were the only ones drinking 40s. And maybe Fuzz is the only one that finished his. So yeah, maybe we’re all getting old.

Next night was an impromptu get together at Fuzz’s with pizza, beer and endless games of Cornhole. Neil and Fuzz were the undisputed champions winning something like 10 games in a row. Neil had his patented one leg in the air throw in effect.

I may have destroyed a couple cigarettes.

Anyways, happy birthday to Jason.

Crisis in SF

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Lowcard montage from the Trick Factory dudes that can skate ramps. Pretty awesome.

John offered $20 if I ollie this in SF

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But seeing as how Gordon said it was too big for him chances are pretty slim ..