dorkGlen “ Glen Stein/Glenrique Igelsias/Glen Stefani/HelGlen Keller/John F. Glennedy/Edgar AlGlen Poe/Glennifer Love Hewitt/Glen Franklin/MariGlen Monroe/Glenadict Arnold/Glenny and the Jets/Glenna Montana/Troy (and almost 1,000,000,000 others)” Gillingham is one of the most influencial owners of Null Skateboards of all time.  He has inspired tens of people with his amazing filming abilities, perfect balance between family man and weekend warrior (alcoholic), inability to listen to any music but Dinosaur Jr., flexibility of the entire Olympic gymnastic team, and a vocabulary of 18,962 words.  While in Nebraska (God’s country as Neil Diamond calls it) a few weeks ago, we (I) decided that it was time for everyone on the world-wide web to get to know him a bit better.  He agreed being as he’s had a part in or bonus in every video, made every video, finalized all ideas, gotten the world’s best skate team in …the World, and some say he even started the company (though that’s probably complete bullsh*t)…1.  Name, Age (If you still remember), Current Hometown, Sponsors-ha?I think Dan covered all my names.  35.  I now have the ability to say “Over 35” when I land something horribly.  There’s “Over 30” landings that have a pretty low bar, and then there’s “Over 35” landings which have an even lower bar and I need the extra help!  Boulder, CO home of one of the best skate scenes around, but only one skatepark that I never skate at.  I think that the “Sponsors-ha” in the question implies that I’m not good enough to be sponsored and well, that’s accurate.2.  Alright Glen, we know you’re getting old, I mean, really old.  Last month I overheard a conversation in which you told someone “I remember the first time I saw Louis Armstrong live.”  What keeps you keepin’ on keepin’ on?Skateboarding, kids, music, friends, family, beer, running into things on purpose, etc.  I’ve been blessed with a good life so far.3.  I remember the second time I met you, you stayed at my house in Fremont for what ended up being one of the most legendary film days ever.  We get to my house and you see a bed that my 3 year old niece could barely fit in, laughing you said, “I’m going to sleep there tonight, ha.”  After a few wine coolers (1½) you actually passed out in that bed.  Any defense to this story?Does this story really need defense?  I mean I slept on a toddlers bed for crying out loud.  How rad is that?  But to correct you, I almost finished the second wine cooler.4.  Favorite Nike shoe (you cannot answer the Dinosaur Jr.)Oh boy, you and your Nikes.  It’s crazy how much better your style got when I first noticed you skating in real skate shoes.  It was incredible.  All of a sudden you skated faster and popped your tricks over picnic tables.  Although if I was forced to wear a pair of Nikes I’d take some Janoski pro models just because that dude kills it.  I wouldn’t skate in the public though.5.  No theory in the history of science can explain:  You’re nollie looks like a nosemanual, but you’ve recently learned how to nollie tre-flip higher than Mikey at a hip-hop show(-ish).  Can you explain this scientific phenomenom?I’m so hyped to hear that my nollies look like nose manuals.  Maybe now I can I claim I’ve got nollie nose manuals on flat.  Rad.  I don’t know man, nollie tres somehow came to me.  I think it’s because it involves more huck and less skill so I just huck it and get lucky once and awhile.  Just ask Matt, he was kind enough to film me try a line with a nollie tre in it and I rewarded him by landing one in only 50 tries.6.  Least favorite skateboarding trick right now?Warming up.  Seriously the worst.7.  You’ve compiled two skate teams that are each as diverse as could be imagined.  Give us 4 words on each skaterBoard Team:Monicohair, smiles, wine coolersJeffinfinite skate spots, underratedBernielaughs at every trick landed.  Does ‘at’ count as a word?Rileygoing to miss himPatskateboarding wizard, Boston MarketWheel Team:GregPunk Rock Temper fitsJoshsmooth, smiles, skate everythingTylerDrunken foosball flashes and slamsFlow:Chrisbest slams ever, mouthJack:he’s actually over 30Mikey:quite killer, skates hardChad:biggest loser ever, rulesDrew:so over it, genuineMatt:Cheyenne, Wyoming.  Cheyenne, Wyoming8.  Would you rather shart everytime you said the word, “epic,” or have cankles (where your calf and ankle have a smooth transition to each other) and a FUPA (fat upper pussy area that old ladies and fat girls have)?Shart myself9.  You said black clothes are out…Who had the best video part in the last 11 months that wore all black (Greg not included)?Tyler Price in Toebock10.  Top 3 favorite Nullments of all time?There are way too many.  But here’s a few.1. Running into a wall, Monico and a chair on accident in the middle of Kansas.2. Jeff shooting an empty gaterade bottle out of the van at a trash can and making it causing the entire van to errupt.3. The epic session in Omaha at the dollar store and the party that ensued, playing the ABC game with Bernie and Eric all the way to Lawrence, Tyler landing the 360 flip in Santa Monica, The Null And Void premiere, Sleeping at Pat’s shop, the list goes on forever …  Thanks to everyone who has supported Null, it’s seriously so fun.11. If you could give up one trick that you have for one trick from the hit film from ‘Gold Wheels,’ titled, “Got Gold,” which would you choose?Additional Comments:A.  Yes, that is a real video.B.  I hope that you want to give up all of your tricks for Pat Washington and Henry Sanchez’s rap video during their part.Ha ha, I’d trade my threeflips for anyone in that video who can do them easily.  I’d even wear sweat pants if I had to.  I hate how much effort that trick takes me.12.  Favorite T.V. show on WE-entertainment for women?I don’t have television so I have no idea.  Anything with Jennifer Love Hewitt is nice on the eyes though.13.  Goofy or Regular (I love rhetorical questions).Regs!  When Ollie was first learning to push I made sure he put his left foot forward.  I don’t want a goofy kid.14.  In the great state of Colorado there are so many things to do.  Out of the following, which is the next on your list:A.  Work as a volunteer at the dinosaur expeditions on the Green and Yampa Rivers with Chad.B.  Go horseback riding after watching Brokeback Mountain in leather chaps and a cowboy hat with the ‘Old Guys.”C.  Spend a weekend shopping for some health and beauty accessories with Monico.D.  Meet up with Matt in historic downtown Creede for the Chocolate Tasting Festival from November 28th-December 1st.All of them sound dope, but ‘B’ will probably happen before Off The Couch is done.15.  If you could be any actor that starred in a movie in 1972, who would it be?I was going to say “Anything with Bo Derek” in it, but I guess that’s a bit before she was in movies.16.  First thing that comes to your head?-712An area code?-Switchtres (i wish)-KidsSo much fun.-Leprechaun in the GhettoFreddy-OrganicYummy-The RecorderI think I have a cd of theirs-Sadie Hawkins DancesHave to google it-NicklebackSheckler17.  Last words, shout outs?Obama!Interview by Dan “hype machine” Moran.  The man behind all the Null profiles.