Off The Couch skate video

off the couch skate videoThis is the Trick Factory video Off The Couch. An “Over 30” skateboard video. Here’s the clips, but if you like it be a sweetheart and buy a copy. You’ll get to see the intro and almost an hour of bonus footage as well.Unfortunately youtube flagged the audio on this one. Neil skates to Van Halen – DOA and it’s a perfect fit. Can’t you see Neil grabbing his balls like David Lee Roth?Rob Helmstetter aka the artsy guyJeremiah Brooks got hurt awhile ago, but his C footage is still the best.Part Timers aka Friends/FamilyLloyd Albright is “the coolest dude ever”Lazer Rubenstein might like metal.Jason Heidecker tilts his manuals.Baltimorons.  Aka Carleigh, Gordo, Gabe and Joey from Baltimore with a cameo by Slap’s Mark Whiteley who has nothing to do with Balitmore.Me.  Aka the guy that likes to run into stuff and skate slow.Brian Ball. Slams, blunts.Fuzz saw a goose shit.Enders goes to the group part of course. Doubles skating while holding hands is the new 10 stair. Please support independent (old) skateboarding and buy the dvd.