The Stubborns skate video

My friends and I made a video called The Stubborns. We call ourselves The Stubborns because that’s exactly what we are. Most of us are in our 40s. The first section is a little tribute to our friend Jason who passed away from ALS. The line had never been used before. Jason was the best. His old Nokia phone was tricked out to play midi Slayer and the lights were all red.

Up next is the intro. The geriatric quite is from Ben Degross, he rules.

Rob gets first part because he exemplifies The Stubborns very well. This part is so good. So much style. Rob also did all the titles.

Kevin is the new guy on the team. Ha ha. He’s only 30 something and it shows. But man he’s got some flippers and ledge game. Love the Bad Religon song.

Next up is another young gun – Carleigh. She rules. Queen Stubborn.

Neil lives in Hawaii now and often brags about how great the weather is. So that’s why we put the funny Denver blizzard quote at the start. I can’t wait to visit Neil again. He has such a clean ollie.

Most of us don’t know Pat too well, but it’s Pat Smith! Rob does art for his company Coda too.

So many great homies in this one.

Simon is one of the best skaters I’ve seen in person. This part was filmed in like 10 days worth of filming.

Jake and John rule. Jake picked this song and it rules. This part goes.

Fuzz is the man. There is so much style and passion in this part.

“Knees really aching today” is the perfect way to start Nate’s part. There is a lot of soul in this part. I miss skating with Nate.

How the heck does Jack fit in here? He may be 20 something, but he is one of the best dudes of all time. He’s fun to skate with, his ipod has a better music selection than anyone you know, he knows every video made, and he is super down for skateboarding.

Here’s my part. What a dork. It was not my choosing to put my part right after Jack’s or this late in the video. I will say that I am happy with my part though. Some of the tricks are quite old. Like me. Ha ha.

Everyone’s favorite skater. This is Dave’s first part ever. He was 50 when this came out. 50! And he shreds! There is a lot of history in this part. The bonelesses are done to perfection.

And the credits. Hope you like the vid!