Tricks to do by 40

**** UPDATE 3/27/2012 ****
In celebration of being mostly injured for seven months now this list is now irrelevant. I give up.

I just turned 38 and in the midst of my midlife crisis have decided there are a few tricks I still have to do and I might as well do them before I turn 40 because who knows if I can keep skating as long as I can keep making run on sentences.  Most of these tricks are complete basics, but if you know me I struggle at the basics and well, everything.  The first part is a list of tricks at certain spots.  The second part is a list of tricks that can be done anywhere.  Two lists of 7 tricks.  I gotta do at least 5 in each list.

1. Front 50 sussex *
2. Manual Wilville *
3. Ollie a bench to bench gap at Southern Hills (yes this one really is hard for me) *
4. Boardslide the curb down the doubleset on campus where Julian front 50’d the rail on the other side
5. Ollie up b/s flip off the 3 up 3 down
6. Kickflip the dentist 5 (did it several years ago, but I’m old now)
7. Ollie St Julien 9 stair (never ollied more than 6 in my life) *

Tech Gnar:
1. Nose manual nollie treflip out
2. Kick back tail shove *
3. Kickflip nose manual shove out
4.  Treflip challenge.  Flatground run with treflip, nollie treflip, fakie treflip (I’m too old to learn switch tres) *
5. Front 5-0 kickflip out
6. Hardflip on flat
7. Nollie f/s flip on flat
bonus – nollie b/s flip (I’ll never land it anyway)

If I land this I can retire immediately
kickflip nose manual nollie treflip out

* means  mandatory