skate journal: Estes Park skatepark with Ollie (March 28, 2010)

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After a nice relaxed morning in the hot tub, some bowling and ice cream Ollie and I headed to the mostly dry Estes Park Skatepark.  I started off mostly just wishing the puddles weren’t there so I moved most of the ice that was built up.  Took about 10 minutes and most of it dried by the end of the session.  Ollie was cruising around having a blast.  He was dropping in on the 4 foot quarter pipe and manualling across the flat of the table top.  After having some troubles getting used to the non-Rampy coping I finally start being able to do grinds on the coping.  I started feeling good after a run with an ollie on the little pump bump, frontside ollie well under coping on the quarter pipe and a front 50 on the smaller q-pipe.  Then I tried a run with ollie onto the table top, kickturn and a flatground 360 flip and somehow pieced it together first try.  I also got a back 50 on the tall q-pipe first try.  I need to skate more bigger tranny, it’s kinda fun.  Next was an attempt at another line of ollie onto the table top, b/s tough guy on the quarterpipe, front tail on the 3 foot q-pipe, nollie tre.  I never got the front tail though even though I would get in almost every time.  So frustrating.  Ollie was ripping.  Rock fakies on the 3′ and then out of nowhere manualled almost the entire pump bump.  So smooth like too.  He also got a willy grind on the 3′, b/s ollie on the flat bank, numerous manuals across the table tops and smiled the whole time.  After awhile the puddle in front of the flat bank to ledge dried up and I was unsuccessful at getting a back 50 on it.  Ugh.  I closed out the session by taking forever to land a f/s halfcab flip and slamming while trying to ollie the flatbar.  Not sure how I had so much fun, but I did.

skate journal: Louisville skatepark early before a fun filled family vacation (March 27, 2010)

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Jason picked me up on a somewhat cold day and we went and picked up Nate then headed to the Louisville skatepark to meet Neil and skate.  I was in a pretty good mood and feeling somewhat flexible for how early in the day it was and all.  We started in the snake run and a couple runs in I slammed pretty good because a back 50 came to a halt and I got tossed to the flat.  Fun.  We moved around all skating the park our own ways.  Jason never seemed to really warm up and Neil took a few unmotivated runs between complaining.  Nate was skating decent.  He got a long back nosegrind popout amongst other good stuff.  I got crooks pretty early on which felt great.  Jason tried a bunch too, but can’t get the popout.  I tried a bunch of front 5-0 shoves and never got them.  I managed a back 5-0 front 180 out on the little ledge, but it was weak sauce because I came to a halt before doing the 180.  Oh well.  I was skating hard, but in retrospect I didn’t land much.  I got a few slow 360 flips, but couldn’t get bigflips on the bank, back 50s, kick back 50s, front 5-0 shoves, etc.  Shortly before having to head home Zak from Nebraska showed up.  He Joined Jason and I in a bank to ledge session.  Jason probably put down the most, but none of us were landing much.  I got a front smith, front tail and a kick back 50 lunch break.  Jason had some good back tails and Zak was hyped to skate something different than he’s used to.  Good sessoin before the Griswalds hit Estes Park.

Louisville photos

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Carleigh posted up some photos from last Saturday’s session.  Me front feeble when trying front 50.  I’ll take it.Jason front smithCarleigh var flip.  Bad photo – me.  But hey, I think I took some other ones that were good too, but she liked this one the most.  More photos on her blog.

skate journal: fakie hurricanes on Rampy (March 26, 2010)

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Was so bummed that it was raining when I got off work.  Went home, took a nap, watched some skating and decided I better do a bit of skating at least.  Went out to Rampy wanting a quick session and a new trick.  I’m not sure if I’ve ever done a fakie hurricane, at least not intentionally, so that was the goal. I ended up getting a few in about 15 minutes.  Cool.  Winter sucks.

skate journal: awesome solo downtown session (March 25, 2010)

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The snow has kinda melted.  I felt like street skating and didn’t have a chance to get to skate until after it got dark.  Long past when anyone else I know seems to skate.  Ugh.  But it ended up ruling.  I put my mp3 player on Murder City Devils and cuised around downtown.  I came upon a little curb high manny pad right away that I’ve never skated before and hit it up for awhile.  Took me awhile to do a manual, but I’m used to taking awhile to warm up.  I noticed a really tall ledge around the corner that was only about 2 feet long and had a fun run of a nose manny followed by a noseslide.  So hyped.  I turned around and almost got a kickflip manny to back it up. Sick!  I moved on since I had been there too long already.After some rolling around and walking around puddles I ended up at the low and narrow ledge that I was just happy to ollie onto and ride around once before.  Got it first try again today.  It’s about 15 feet long with a curve, about 10″ wide and it’s beveled weird.  I decided to dream and try a manual.  A few tries later I locked into a perfect one and rode away completely amazed.  I don’t land tricks like that.  So hyped.  I sat and giggled for a bit before moving on to the two stair then over to the nearby bank where I failed at some frontside slappies.  Then some dude came up and asked me if I had any “medicinal”.  I responded saying I had some Ibuprofen at home.  He was so confused.  I love messing with people like that.  I left because that dude was hanging out singing and being annoying.  I kinda cruised around downtown seeing what was dry and ended up near the white ledge which was wet.  Spotted a pile of snow to ollie off the sidewalk into the street.  I had to time it with the light and pedestrians, but after a few tries I got it.  It felt great because I was actually going fast and only took 2 tries.  I ollied a couple more various piles of snow and called it a night.  So hyped on the manny on the curved ledge and the spontaneity of street skating in a downtown area.  I need spontaneity to keep skating every day.

skate journal: mellow Rampy session (March 24, 2010)

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Lazer, Jason and Nate were it for another snowy Wednesday night Rampy session.  Nate was really sore for some reason and it showed.  That may have been his worst night ever.  Jason was slow to start, but ended up ripping his patented edge to edge grinds and coping destruction.  Lazer and Rampy are dream made in heaven.  Yes, I just compared Lazer to heaven.  I’m sure he’d be stoked on that.  I skated ok.  My highlights were going for a fakie pivot fakie and getting a fakie 5-0 to fakie as it grinded a few inches.  Rad.  Also almost getting fakie hurricanes.  I may have landed one I’m not sure.

Peter Ramondetta dodging a bullet

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skate journal: This weather blows (March 23, 2010)

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Seriously, another blizzard?  This winter blows.  I got off work, but spent almost 3 hours driving about 30 miles to pick up shirts and hats for Null.  It changed from pouring rain to 5″ of snow in about 30 seconds.  Ugh.  Anyways, after dinner, a nap, some kid time and the dishes I went out to Rampy around 10:30.  I had no real goals or motivation, but I ended up having fun despite having some of the worst flatspots ever on my new sample wheels.  Argh.  I guess the back 180 test last night did them in.  I just didn’t notice on asphalt.  About the only tricks I did on Rampy I was hyped on were front and back smiths.  Other then that I ended up just skating flatground and hucking tricks.  Somehow it was fun even though I would stop sometimes due to the flat spots.  I did a lot of hucking.  Landed on a hardflip for the first time ever.  Didn’t ride out though.  Landed on two switch kickflips, but slammed on both.  Felt cool to land on those at least.  Other then that I did a few basics.  I stopped skating when I realized I was gonna pass out due to hunger or exhaustion or both.

skate journal: solo safeway ledge session (March 22, 2010)

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Tired from a long day at work followed by a stressful attempt at getting all the Null stuff I had to get done.  I brought some boards to FedEx then headed to the ol’ baseline Safeway to skate the crappy ledge thats there.  I started off sucking.  Really sucking.  I guess having wider wheels messes with your grinds.  Ugh.  It took me a long time to land anything.  I settled in to trying a line of back 180 a gutter, halfcab flip then back 50.  First the back 180 took forever.  Then when I finally had that dialed the halfcab flip took forever and lastly I had problems with the back 50.  I blame the new shoes mostly.  Ugh.  I eventually got the line and I did feel quite a bit better.  Coming the other way I would try front crooks and got a few little jib ones.  After getting the line I just started trying kickflip 50s and front tails.  I got a few kick 50s and even came close to kick 50 shove out.  I would love to get that some day.  I got a couple ok front tails, but it’s hard on that ledge because it’s uphill.  Not the greatest session, but I am still getting used to the new setup.  5 – 9 inches of snow tomorrow night.  LAME.

skate journal: Longmont then Ft Collins with TF (March 21, 2010)

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Tired and feeling kind of sick from a very late night breakfast burrito after the Jeremy Fish Art Show I met up with Neil, Fuzz, Nate and Carleigh and we drove to Longmont where we met Jason and Dave Fuller.  We met at the little concrete park with the hips.  I love that park.  But today was not my day and to top it off I had new shoes, wheels and a board.  I’ve had 3 pairs of the DC Crews in a row so I knew it would be tough.  But I didn’t think it would be as tough as it was.These shoes have nowhere near the support the DCs have so it felt like they were in worse shape then my DC’s except that there isn’t a hole in them and they still have tread on the sole.  Oh well.  The new wheels weren’t Null wheels either so that was kinda weird.  They are some sample wheels from ATM.  Yes, I might switch nullethane.  Who knows.  Anyways, I sucked.  The only good thing I did was my best tailslide ever over the hip.  Jason was killing it.  He back feebled the curved ledge so perfect.  He also had some nice backside ollies over the hip.  Neil was killing the one foots over the hip, nose mannies and nose bonks.  Carleigh landed a rare front 5-o and a pop shove real quick over the hip.  Fuzz did everything.  Monster ollies over the hip, back 5-o the top of rail coming up the bank, boardslide to manny, bluntslide, fakie ollie over the hip, a ton more and ended it with a front 360 over the hip.  Dave had some cool hip bluntslide transfer tricks, front boards to fakie on the bump to longer ledge and style for miles.  Nate was killing it too.  Feeble the curved ledge, back nosegrind the regular ledge super easy, nose manny lip slide, front lip around the curve to front 5-0, feeble 180 around the curved ledge, manny to front tailslide, and back lip on the reg ledge. Wowsers.After awhile we split out.  Neil headed back to Boulder while the rest of us headed to Northside.  My car load stopped at MRKT first to sell some boards though.  Oh I forgot all about mentioning it was two days after 15″ of snow and it was mostly gone right?  I guess Ft Collins didn’t get nearly as much snow though.  Jason and Dave were already at Northside as well as Andy, Grant, and some other rad Ft Collins locals.  They seriously have the best scene.  Everyone is so positive.  There weren’t many people there at all and the weather was great.  So awesome.Jason was skating the banked ledge.  Back 5-0, back tail, back board and slamming on back board transfers coming the other way.  He eventually got one.  Dave was cruising around doing some casual stuff everywhere.  Nate was on a mission.  I think he landed everything except a super long and sick front board transfer on the banked ledge.  Fuzz was on a killing spree, but couldn’t put down the front noseblunt slide on the tall bank.  So sick.  Carleigh was doing some good ollies on the flat bank.  I was skating that park better than normal.  Not good by any means, but I did some new stuff for me.  I was trying a run of backside cali mongo push over the china hump, backside flip on the bank and then no comply pole jam.  Never got the polejam.  The other new trick for me was a boardslide on the banked ledge.  The locals were killing it as usual.  Such a fun scene.Lastly we were gonna head to Fossil Creek, but got a desperate phone call from Chad Dad asking to meet at the Courthouse instead because he was on diaper duty.  Ha.  I was completely dead at that point.  I managed to get Chad to SKAT in SKATE though.  Two of the trick were front 180 and sw front 180 though.  Seriously.  His last trick was switch heel and I hucked it coming surprisingly close.  I got closer next try, but then never close again.  Argh.  The rest of my session was spent watching and doing dumb cali grinds instead of ollieing a gap.  Fuzz and Nate were murdering it.  Ollies over rocks, wallies, manuals, gap ollies, everything.  Carleigh was trying to learn halfcab flips.  Pretty fun ending on a good day.