About Nullozine Jr

oldAnother project from me, Corpo Glenny, 45 year old skate nerd and owner of Null Skateboards. Not really sure what this site will become, but it’s intention is an online zine about the skateboarding world according to me. It’ll be mostly a Colorado thing, but I’m sure I’ll end up making fun of some Nike shoes or something. About the Nullozine Jr name. Pretty much any creative thing I’ve done since college has been coined with the name Null somehow and I’m a huge Dinosaur Jr fan. So I combined the two and threw in ‘zine’ since it’s a zine. Get it? Spectacular. Another intention of this site is to have a place for my skate journal again. Please don’t read them if you don’t want to, I’m the least coordinated skater ever and my journal entries are just as boring. Go skate. Email me at corpoglenny@gmail.com