Slappy Seconds

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I so much wish I could have gone to Slappy Seconds. Kevin Marks has a cool blog about the day at least. Click here to see it.

skate journal: Buena Vista with my brother! (Feb 8, 2013)

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still got it

Went up to my Mom’s house in Buena Vista because my brother was in town. We got up super early, ate breakfast, then went out, got some caffeine and dropped my mom off at a quilting class. Steve knew I would want to skate the park with him a little so he didn’t even try to skip it. We had fun. I had brought an extra board for him to skate and he made due. He carved around the park quite pretty good for only skating a couple times a year and trying to act older than me. Other then a carving around his only trick was a little 50 on a weird corner thing (yes that really is the best description of it). Click here for the quicktime of it!

my first 50 on a rail in years unfortunately

I forgot to mention how cold it was. 18 degrees. With the sun it didn’t feel that cold, but when the wind would pick up, brrr. I was still really sore from the long red curbs session with Dave, but I knew I wouldn’t have much time to skate so I tried to get it all in. I bet the kids in Buena Vista were hyped on this rainbow rail until they realized the would have to drop in on a kinked vert wall to get to it. It was really fun to grind over though. And considering I gave up grinds on flat bars a long time ago it made it even more fun. Maybe I should try again. I found some little lines in the park cruising around. Here’s a movie I didn’t know my brother was taking (otherwise I would have done a frontside invert). For all the stuff that’s packed into that park the small tranny section really is hard to keep speed. My favorite line was a little front scratcher on the noping wall behind Steve above, roll into the roll in, pump over the roll in hip, slappy the rainbow rail, then front rock the little qp above it.

square coping on tranny is whack

This one took me a bit. Front 50 that I would turn to front tail then drop in. It’s the only ledge in park (there is a backside one too). It has square coping and it’s really weird to go into tranny off square coping. The funniest thing is this wasn’t the only tranny with square coping. Whack. Some of it is even placed level so you grind on a corner of it (like a diamond). Anyways, this was pretty frustrating, but the only real trick I did.

tile < coping

Last thing I really tried was a little scratch grind on this wall. I think it goes to vert. I carved tile a bunch, and got the wheels halfway onto the pool coping, but couldn’t quite get a grind. Doh. My brother took the photo with my delay ridden phone and that’s the closest he got me to the top. I may have gone past my welcome as Steve was wanting to go pretty bad so I finally left.

I’ve finally skated the Buena Vista Skatepark. Yippee. My review of it is a 3/10. The reality is it sucks pretty bad considering todays skatepark standards in Colorado. Square coping on tranny? Whack. Kinks all over the place. I can’t even imagine what the crash up derby factor is as we were the only ones there. No flow. The funny thing was two high school kids were skating the old park. In most ways the old one is better for beginner skaters so I could see them avoiding the new park. That and there is basically no street stuff at this park. And the few “street” oriented obstacle have tranny in it anyway. For a town that has no street stuff to skate I imagine the kids are pretty bummed. Well, the kids that want to skate anyway, I bet kids with BMX bikes are hyped.

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Jack photos

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Jack’s blog has some fun photos from recent session. Peep it here.

More clips that make me miss skateboarding, knee is getting better, Carleigh’s blog rules it

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Lucas Puig can stack footage!

Jordan Sanchez. Quick feet, lots of up/down curb tricks which are my favorite, good style ….

My knee is feeling better. My arthritis isn’t so much. It’s been 3 weeks of no jumping with 1 – 3 more. I can’t wait to skate again. Hopefully I remember some tricks. I had a dream I grabbed someones board, did a perfect treflip and handed it back. Felt so good in my dream. Ha. Ollie just bought EA SKATE 3 for the PS3 so hopefully that will help tide me over.

Had a really fun Sunday with the Null crew and Jason. Thanks dudes (and dudette)!

Playing Jack’s overbearing Skate Dad

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Jack and I had this idea a couple years ago, but haven’t been able to make it work until now. We had fun. Well, at least I did jocking out and yelling that my kid was the best 16 year old skater in Colorado. The worst part is there were parents in attendance that think this behavior is acceptable. Check out lot’s of photos on Carleigh’s blog here.

Dean got lot’s of good photos here and here too.

Here’s a couple “Skate Dad” phone clips from the a flyout session.

Such a fun day even if I couldn’t skate at all and mostly had to just sit down. I guess the limp added to the Skate Dad character anyways. Check even more photos here on Jack’s blog.

Carleigh’s blog kills it

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Lots of great photos from last weekend. Go there now!

Nullozine print coming and Crisis art show/ Anniversary party

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Issue One of Nullozine print is done! While the name is similar to this blog (without the jr though) it isn’t the same thing. It’s a Colorado skate zine. Issue One is heavy on the Null tip, but we hope to expand outside of our circle in future issues. Super hyped for this! Dean is largely responsible for it happening and I am super grateful to him and the others that helped with this. They are now printed and we will have them at the Crisis art show this Saturday!

Congratulations to Fuzz and all the hard work he’s put in the last year with Crisis. Happy one year anniversary and thanks for all the support! The party will be a blast. The art show will feature art from lots of friends and family. And when I say family I don’t just mean Trick Factory or Null dudes (which is totally awesome family!), but I also mean my family, as in Liz and Ollie. Yes, they will have art there too. See you at Crisis Saturday night!

Carleigh getting gnarly

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Some good photos and write up of a day out with Carleigh on a Girls Skateboarding blog. Good work Carleigh.

Lots of photos from the RVCA demo on Carleigh’s blog

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Carleigh took lots of awesome photos at the RVCA demo we went to. Click here to go to her blog and check them out!

Don’t forget to ask her about the full story behind this photo!

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photos from the weekend on Carleigh’s site

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Saturday’s adventures.

Sunday’s adventures.