Havoc 60!

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IDrawMazes aka Eric Eckert made this video featuring 60 second parts from the homies. Somehow I have a part in this too (starting at 7:15). Good stuff Eckert!

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How to get shown up 40 times

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Since I’ve posted it everywhere else, gotta post it here too. One of my favorite days ever. So many of my favorite people. Such an awesome time. Thanks to everyone involved and be thankful I made it easy for you. Ha ha.

skate journal: Buena Vista with my brother! (Feb 8, 2013)

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still got it

Went up to my Mom’s house in Buena Vista because my brother was in town. We got up super early, ate breakfast, then went out, got some caffeine and dropped my mom off at a quilting class. Steve knew I would want to skate the park with him a little so he didn’t even try to skip it. We had fun. I had brought an extra board for him to skate and he made due. He carved around the park quite pretty good for only skating a couple times a year and trying to act older than me. Other then a carving around his only trick was a little 50 on a weird corner thing (yes that really is the best description of it). Click here for the quicktime of it!

my first 50 on a rail in years unfortunately

I forgot to mention how cold it was. 18 degrees. With the sun it didn’t feel that cold, but when the wind would pick up, brrr. I was still really sore from the long red curbs session with Dave, but I knew I wouldn’t have much time to skate so I tried to get it all in. I bet the kids in Buena Vista were hyped on this rainbow rail until they realized the would have to drop in on a kinked vert wall to get to it. It was really fun to grind over though. And considering I gave up grinds on flat bars a long time ago it made it even more fun. Maybe I should try again. I found some little lines in the park cruising around. Here’s a movie I didn’t know my brother was taking (otherwise I would have done a frontside invert). For all the stuff that’s packed into that park the small tranny section really is hard to keep speed. My favorite line was a little front scratcher on the noping wall behind Steve above, roll into the roll in, pump over the roll in hip, slappy the rainbow rail, then front rock the little qp above it.

square coping on tranny is whack

This one took me a bit. Front 50 that I would turn to front tail then drop in. It’s the only ledge in park (there is a backside one too). It has square coping and it’s really weird to go into tranny off square coping. The funniest thing is this wasn’t the only tranny with square coping. Whack. Some of it is even placed level so you grind on a corner of it (like a diamond). Anyways, this was pretty frustrating, but the only real trick I did.

tile < coping

Last thing I really tried was a little scratch grind on this wall. I think it goes to vert. I carved tile a bunch, and got the wheels halfway onto the pool coping, but couldn’t quite get a grind. Doh. My brother took the photo with my delay ridden phone and that’s the closest he got me to the top. I may have gone past my welcome as Steve was wanting to go pretty bad so I finally left.

I’ve finally skated the Buena Vista Skatepark. Yippee. My review of it is a 3/10. The reality is it sucks pretty bad considering todays skatepark standards in Colorado. Square coping on tranny? Whack. Kinks all over the place. I can’t even imagine what the crash up derby factor is as we were the only ones there. No flow. The funny thing was two high school kids were skating the old park. In most ways the old one is better for beginner skaters so I could see them avoiding the new park. That and there is basically no street stuff at this park. And the few “street” oriented obstacle have tranny in it anyway. For a town that has no street stuff to skate I imagine the kids are pretty bummed. Well, the kids that want to skate anyway, I bet kids with BMX bikes are hyped.

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Colorado Love 2012

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This is sick!

303 team at the Broomfield park

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With a cameo from Fuzz!!!

Spring Fling

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I went to the Spring Fling Boulder park contest last weekend. I didn’t really feel too compelled to write about it since I was unable to skate. But Brian made fun of me for only writing about myself so I decided post this image of myself I found and the the best trick video that Sam put together.I ended up judging the advanced and best trick contests.  In the ‘advanced’ contest I was judging based on ‘Fun’.  So people like Francis get rated pretty high for beaming the judges while attempting tricks or missing treflips in the flat.  And on the flipside people get docked when their dad yells at them which tricks they should do.  Fun day.


Off The Couch online now

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There is an Off The Couch page here now with the whole video except the great intro and credits.  If you like it, buy it.

Denver montage

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Found this posted on the 303 site.  Man there is some good skateboarding going on in the 303!

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Riley is moving

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I’m going to miss Riley.

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Parker Skatepark (or Twenty Miles Skatepark or Rail Bender Skatepark)

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This park has it all.  Riley and I headed there on his last day of skating in Colorado before moving to Sioux Falls.  It was November 17 and it was almost 70 degrees.  Sick!  These photos were all taken right after we got there before it got crowded.CLICK ANY PHOTO TO SEE A LARGER VERSION OF THE PHOTO!!!parkerThis little mini bowl is sick.  It’s perfect for beginners and even fun for people like Riley.  The tranny is really mellow.parkerThis little manual pad is the bomb!  And yes it’s as low as it looks in the photo.parkerPier 7 replica.  Although it’s taller and narrower then the original it’s still sick.parkerRiley modeling the bank to ledge with a back tail.  It’s a bit weirder to hit then I would have thought, but still really good.parkerRiley fell in love with that rail.  It’s a long 5 stair.  Riley says the rail is perfect.  I’ll take his word for it.parkerAt the top of the park is a fun little volcano thing.  I found it hard to get speed for, but it’s a good way to make something skateable in the middle of the park that takes up little space.parkerNo one skated this all day.  The rail looks pretty low.parkerThere is a little 3 foot quarterpipe that just plain rules.parkerNo one really skated this hip all day either.  It’s pretty steep and the crash up factor with people skating the three foot quarterpipe is pretty high.  Riley ollied the bench into it though.parkerPractice your Zero lines here kiddies.parkerThis park has so many options to skate it’s ridiculous.  On the very left there is a flat bar too.parkerPanorama attempt number 1 of the bowl.parkerAttempt number 2.  No idea why the colors are different on every picture when I just stood there and took all three within seconds.  Oh well.  The bowl is fun, a bit gnarly, but fun.  The steep bank wall is gnarls.parkerMore bowl.parkerA horrible photo of a sick idea.  A Colorado flag quarterpipe.  Every team that comes though CO is going to try and get a photo on that.parkerTrick number 1 out of 20 for Riley on his new favorite rail.Driving directions:I-25 to Lincoln Ave (Exit 193)Go East on LincolnRight on Twenty Mile RoadThe skatepark is up on the right after Plaza DrGoogle Map it.Report any problems at the skatepark by calling Parker Parks & Recreation at 303-841-0353.

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