skate journal: post pj hype can’t make my knees work (aug 14, 2017)

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Ah yes, the highly anticipated NB video Tricolor with the PJ part came out. It was good. I was pretty hyped and wanted to start ledge training. I went to the research ledge. I was pretty tired and out of it even though I was trying to feel hyped. I had put smaller axle’s back on. 8″ highs. They felt great. I landed my first 15 kickflips or so. Actually got first try heelflip too, was 5/5 on halfcab flips, got a few f/s halfcab flips. I had started with lines. Ollie up the curb, nollie on flat, noseslide. Shove on flat, ollie up the curb, noseslide to fakie. Then halfcab flip on flat, ollie up the curb, back 50. Got the worst back 50 ever. Tried f/s halfcab flip on flat, front 180 up the curb, halfcab noseslide on the ledge. Got into a few, but never got the hc noseslide. I need to learn to put the board a little in front of me. I had done a front board pop out, front noseslide first try, but couldn’t do another front nose at all. Argh. I told myself I was gonna stick with my old rule of having to land a back 50 and a 360 flip before doing a crook, but I never got a 360 flip and my knees started hurting. Tried a couple crooks, but the knees were just too sore so I went home feeling defeated. At least I had the first hour feeling pretty good. And hell yeah PJ!

(setup 8.25 null jack spanbauer deck, venture 5.2 v-hollow high trucks, venom 88a bushings, spitfire 101a 51mm F4 wheels, 3 washers on the inside of each axle, nbnumeric PJ 533v2 black/white/gold 11.5, spenco 3/4 thinsoles and stock insoles)

skate journal: sauls with saul and eric then a quick research ledge crook (aug 9, 2017)

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I’ve been wanting 8.25″ trucks for a long time. I keep switching between 8 and 8.5 inch trucks. Found out it will be awhile longer before Venture releases 8.25s so I got some Thunders. I’m not a huge Thunder fan anymore, but they skate somewhat similar to Venture as compared to Indy. So I went to Saul’s with new trucks knowing it would be a struggle. Especially with the pain I was in. The first few runs were good though, the trucks turn tighter than Ventures. Carve grinds felt good. Eventually I would start to flail like someone should with new trucks and I started to get sore so I mostly slacked. Saul was ripping some carve grinds, back 50s in spots he didn’t use to stand up on, front slashes on the bricks, getting in to front 50s. Eric had some fire since it’s been a long time since he’s skated and was doing some really good back 50s and front slashes, but couldn’t quite get the back tail. Doh.

Then I went to research for a brief one. I was so sore. Did a few noseslides. Couldn’t switch front nose. Tried a line for awhile of ollie up the curb, little cali grind then crook. Got a couple crook bonks before getting a decent crook and went home. The Thunders felt really good ollieing up the curb so I’ll keep them for another day at least.

(setup 8.25 null jack spanbauer deck, thunder 148 raw trucks, stock bushings, spitfire 101a 51mm F4 wheels, nbnumeric PJ 533v2 black/white/gold 11.5, spenco 3/4 thinsoles with stock insoles)

skate journal: watching at steelyards as my knees were done (aug 6, 2017)

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Met Rob and then Dave at Steelyards. I had played football with Ollie and was pretty sore doing that for some reason. But I still went skating. Or at least tried to go skating. The parking lot was pretty happening. I had put the tall/wide Venture axles on because I was hoping it would help my lack of pop. But as it would turn out I wouldn’t really get to the point of popping. I did manage to manual the pad the long way and a couple of kickflips, but the pain got the best of me and I would end up giving up on skating. Oh yeah Rob and I each did wallie/nollies into the parking garage. It was really fun and a little scary going into the dark. I watched Rob and Dave for awhile. Donnie randomly showed up for the furniture store and skated with us for awhile. Everyone was skating in their own unique way. Rob was doing nose manuals easy, manuals, nose manual 180, some type of caveman manual thing, kickflips, back 180s, ripping. Dave was trying front 180 nose manual, got fakie shove up the curb, was doing bigspins on flat. Donnie rips, tried manuals to wallride, was popping up to axle stall on the light post, trying halfcab flip manuals.

We got the boot after awhile. Rob and I tried to coordinate a quick double wallie/nollie for a photo. It didn’t work so well. My knee had totally locked up. We did get a “make” which I’ll post on the nullogram, but this grab is actually my favorite.

Then we looked at google and went to this bank to curb. I did a few scary rock ‘n rolls and decided to sit and watch Rob and Dave. Rob was going for back tail, but kept going Suski. The angles at this spot are weirder than it looks. Dave did a couple nosepick to fakie tricks, maybe a front crunt before realizing he was late for a radio program and ran off. Ha, good ol’ Dave.

setup 8.25 null jack spanbauer deck, venture 5.8 trucks, venom 90a bushings, spitfire 101a 51mm F4 wheels, 3 washers on the outside of each axle, nbnumeric PJ 533v2 black/white/gold 11.5, spenco 3/4 thinsoles with stock insoles)

skate journal: pre pj hype at research center (july 12, 2017)

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Found out earlier in the day it was official that PJ would be having a part in the new NB video. It hyped me up. I’m not really sure why PJ footage gets me so hyped, I mean I can’t do 1/10 of the stuff he does. But something about how he does his tricks is so magical. So I went to the research ledge after putting low trucks on again (ha) feeling hyped. It was raining at my house so I was surprised I was able to skate outside. I started with noseslides, then started into lines pretty quickly. Just a basic flipper on the street, ollie up the curb, then a ledge trick. I got most of my basics pretty quickly, including a couple terrible back 50s. I slammed really hard overshooting a front 50. I haven’t done that in awhile. I got a 3 flip on flat going up the hill right away which hyped me up. No hands down! Got halfcab flip, fakie flip and fakie bigflip to start lines down the hill. Heelflip and almost fakie heelflip up the hill. Got a couple good feeling halfcab noseslides, but then I saw what they look like. Ha. You know they are bad when I’m too embarrassed to put them on my youtube channel that no one watches. I finished up with another crooks and a switch front nose. Both felt great. Then I just kind of got tired so I decided to not push it and went home.

(setup 8.25″ null rabethica deck, venture 5.2 AWAKE lows, 1/16″ riser, venom 90a bushings, old spitfire 101a 50mm F4 wheels, 3 washers on the inside of each axle, nbnumeric 254 cream/gum size 12 with spenco 3/4 thinsoles and Footprint 5mm kingfoam insoles)

skate journal: flatground PT blah (june 29, 2017)

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Any time I go a few days without skating or skate poorly I start to obsess over my setup. Well that was the case once again and I had put some low hangers on my setup with some old tiny Spitfires. I went to this little area wanting to skate flat while wearing orthotics and see how my legs felt. Because they weren’t really feeling any better after a few days off of skating. The first few ollies felt like total crap. Did some 180s, shoves. I moved on to kickflip and struggled a little, but got a few. The lower setup flips so fast. Went on to fakie flip pretty quickly, varial flip in a couple tries, halfcab flip took awhile. Then got stuck with b/s flip one way and f/s halfcab flip the other. Got terrible, terrible versions of both. Got close to fakie bigflip and nollie tre, but started to get sore and lost motivation. I did the deck check ollie up on to the curved ledge (took more tries then I’d like to share) and barely got an ollie off it. The landing hurt my right knee which has been hurting. I decided to call it. Glad I got my venture low fix out of the way.

(setup 8.25 null spanbauer deck, venture AWAKE lows, 91a venom bushings, old 50mm 101a spitfire f4 classics, washers on the outside of the axle, new balance numeric pj 533 black gum size 12, fp gamechanger insoles)

skate journal: fun at saul’s then pain at valmont (june 20, 2017)

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Went to Saul’s after a walk with Liz on a warm evening. As I arrived Lazer, Eric and Tucker were bouncing. Doh. Luckily Saul was down to skate more. My PF pain was kicking pretty good which effected my confidence. Ugh. Running down the transition hurts, I should just commit to everything and I’d be better off. Saul was ripping and rolling in everywhere. Even the deep end. He was grinding longer, slashing the shallow, almost the deep, trying new stuff. Me too. After getting a few carve grinds and the easy roll ins I tried a new line. Drop in where I always do, but carve quicker and grind the corner near the hip and do a front rock on the big wall. It was fun.

Then after some driving around and figuring out if Dave was gonna skate I ended up at Valmont. I quickly wanted to go home I was so sore, but Dave said he was coming after all. My right knee was acting up on top of the plantar fasciitis. Ugh. I tried a line for awhile of halfcab on flat, wallie nollie the loading dock, then noseslide the ledge. Maybe got to the ledge one and the wallie nollie was questionable. Dave showed and after a couple of minutes slammed super hard on a front 50 attempt. His hand slapped super hard, but the way it looked I thought it was his head. It scared me. Luckily Dave is stubborn and after a brief rest was skating again. I mostly tried switch noseslides both ways, but mixed it up with a few other hucks. I couldn’t get a halfcab noseslide. Argh. Dave was doing really good noseslides and noseslides to fakie. We went to the manny pad, but I was too tired to ollie and the storm hit. I tired to time it so that Dave would be manualling with lightning in the background, but I couldn’t get it. Not the best session, but whatevs.

(setup 8.38″ null machine deck, venture 5.8 wides, venom 90a bushings, bones stf 52mm v5 wheels, 3 washers on the outside of each axle, nbnumeric pj 533s black/gum 12 with stock nb insoles)

skate journal: wilville, 287 ditch, crisis curb, red hawk, brian’s ramp (june 10, 2017)

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@the_neviathan nollie lip pop #coloradicalsabbatical2017

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Up pretty early to skate! It was already very hot outside, but we got to Wilville sometime around 9am. I was on a wider setup so my shoes didn’t feel so big. It helped. There were two separate sessions going on. The manny pad and the ledge area. I went in between both. The ledge was popping. Nate, Joe, Damon, Josh were killing it. Nate nollie front lip pop out, boardslide pop, boardslide pop to fakie. Joe boardslide pop, halfcab boardslide pop out. Damon fakie nosegrind back tail, tried cab back tail. Josh front tail fakie, crooks, boardslide pop out. I got noseslide. Pretty sick huh? On the manny pad Matt got nollie varial heel manual to the bank, Dan was trying a fakie shove fakie manual, Eric pretended he wasn’t ollieing at all when he turned into manual. I tried switch 180 manuals for awhile. Didn’t get too close. Then Josh, Joe and I tried kickflip manuals for awhile. I started off feeling pretty good about it then started totally losing kickflips. What the heck. I started hating the bulky 868s. Josh got one perfect. It was so sick. At that point I gave up. Joe kept with it though and nailed one. Sick!

Then we went to 287 ditch. The crew grew larger and I grew more tired. Fuzz, Rob, Neil, Nolan, Carleigh, Jack joined us. It was hot and I was not feeling it. Josh bashed his shin and wasn’t feeling it either. We sat next to the human crap and watched others. Gross. Jack and Nolan did double noseblunts. Nolan almost got back noseblunt, then did nosegrind on the parking block and switch nosegrind too. Insane. Jack had some moves. Front tail shove, hurricanes, bigspin manuals. Rob front tailslide. Joe kickflip rock ‘n roll. Eric boardslides and surprisingly no staple guns that I can remember. Carleigh with bluntslides and tailslides. Neil was in the back doing his patented ollies on every wall and trying to get things working. Fuzz had some fast and steezy noseslides.

We gathered at Crisis. After awhile we broke in the newly repainted parking blocks. I did a bunch of slappy crooks as did Rob. Jack hurricanes. Boardslides by all.

Got a solid couple hours in before the cops gave us the boot

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Then we went to Red Hawk where the crew got even bigger with Riley and Garrett joining. It quickly turned into the Riley demo. First try out of the car manual the stage then immediately to switch manual. He was going full speed into switch manual and fakie ollied into the rock. Unbelievable. There is no way I can remember what all everyone was doing. I was feeling off and kind of trying to hide, but it was hard with everyone there. I had one good crook and that was about it. Josh front 180’d up the stage and nose manual the rock. Neil had an incredible line with front lip then front nosegrind. It was great seeing Neil shred it. Jack and Riley did quick ledge tricks then ollied the 10. Remember a few days ago when Jack thought he broke his toe? There was so much ripping going on. Matt did quick up to nose manny the stage. Joe did front lip to front 5-0. It was quite incredible seeing so many great friends ripping so hard. Unfortunately we got the boot.

Party at Brian's ramp #coloradicalsabbatical2017 #weekendatgrennys2tokyodrift

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@nolancormier taking cues from @brianfrancisball #coloradicalsabbatical2017

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Fortunately Brian’s was right there and we went to his ramp to skate and bbq. A lot of shredding was had there too. I enjoyed it and had a couple okay runs for myself before retiring to food and mosquito bites. It was fun watching Nolan and Riley there. Brian is so good on the ramp too. 360 drop in?!?! I think everyone did their tricks. Neil almost got killed by a board shoot out, Dan did get killed by one. Fun ender for a fun day.

(setup 8.38″ null machine deck, venture 5.8 wides, venom 88a bushings, green spitfire F4 52mm classic 99a wheels, 3 washers on the outside of each axle, nbnumeric 868 12 black/gum with old stock NB# insoles)

skate journal: golden with carleigh, rob, fuzz and a little nolan (june 3, 2017)

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Went out in front of my house to try and warm up and knew it was going to be a tough day for me. I had put smaller trucks and bigger wheels on. They felt fine. My legs didn’t. I got to kickflip. Then Carleigh showed up and we rolled to Fuzz’s, stretched then rolled to Golden with Rob. We hit some potential spots on the way. One full pipe had water in it, one had human crap in it. Then we rolled into Golden and looked at a spot, then ended up on campus. First spot was a plaza that I would normally love. Great flat ground and a bunch of ledges. But my legs weren’t working so flatground didn’t really work. Carleigh warmed up doing a bunch of tricks in a smooth area. I tried to do Fuzz or Rob’s lines. Everyone was weirded out by the crack in front of the ledge. Well, not kids that showed up later. Fuzz did two really sick boardslides to fakie 50. Unreal. I got my camera and we tried to film it, but he ended up hurting his back like an old person rather than landing it. Ha. Carleigh picked up the slack and got a boardslide to lipslide to grass flop. It was sick. We moved on. Ended up at a sick spot with a couple of benches, 4 stair, 2 stair, 6 stair. Carleigh reigned champ and ollied the 4 then 6. Rob did a sick line, but it doesn’t count since he wouldn’t let me film it. Or maybe it just deserves parenthesis. (front board, bean plant the 4). Then we hit a steep bank for awhile. Rob and Carleigh did wallrides. I just hiked the hill and did powerslides. It ruled. Nolan showed up and grinded the top of the darn steep bank. Then we went to Holidaily! It was a dream come true, have a couple “beers” with my friends.

(setup 8.25″ null spanbauer deck, venture 5.2 high v-hollows, venom 88a bushings, bones sft v3 52mm wheels, 3 washers on the inside of each axle, bronson raw bearings, nbnumeric quincy 254 12 gum/cream, fp gamechangers then remind cush insoles)

skate journal: civic park with a rad crew (may 29, 2017)

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Fun times with young ones (aka 30 year olds). @the_neviathan @iamnotacreepyjake @matthouse @chadsterwick

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Jake and I rolled to 303 then went to Civic Park to meet up with Matt, Nate and Chad. Warming up didn’t go as well as I wanted. I felt pretty sore. I had setup a new board. A Jack 8.25. And it felt good. A setup I was finally happy with the whole day. Jake and I tried to get warmed up on the little ledges for awhile. He got tailslides. I did some switch noseslides. Kickflips and fakie flips happened. Chad then Matt then Nate showed. Nate was killing it out of the gate as usual. Matt missed his first 5 treflips. Unheard of! He would get some of course though. After awhile we went down to the new area which is super fun. I took forever to get a manual then crook grind which Jake did way before me. Nate slammed super hard trying to manual a narrow ledge. Chad did some fast manuals then had some ankle pain kick in and took off. Matt and Nate had quick bonks a ledge and Matt did back tails on the ledge. Matt had another sick line with ollie a ledge then front tail to fakie. I had a really slow line of switch nose jib then nollie front tail. It was fun though. It rained for a bit so we sat in the covered area. Then Nate jumped up after sitting for awhile and wanted to play a game of SKATE. My legs weren’t ready and I didn’t commit to a single flip trick so I was out first. Matt ended up taking it and we were skating the two little ledges again. I got a back 50 and some switch noseslides. It was fun. Nate was doing super fast front tailslides and nollie front 5-0s and nollie noseslides. Jake front tails. Matt was chilling and filming the gnar. Ha. Then we got the boot and checked out the nearby wallies which Nate did. Then called it a day.

(setup 8.25″ null spanbauer deck, venture 5.8 lights, venom 88a bushings, bones sft v1 50mm wheels, 3 washers on the outside of each axle, old swiss bearings, lakai manchester 11 black/white, remind cush insoles)

skate journal: flatground struggles but i don’t care (may 21, 2017)

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Woke up feeling really bummed on how much skating hurt. I haven’t landed 10 flip tricks in one day in a really long time. So I was determined to do it. I started on the 8.3 setup which worked fine for kickflip, but then I went back to the 8.1 after I failed at fakie flips for awhile. It felt better. I went in the order in the video. The halfcab flip went ok. The heelflip took like 20 minutes. For awhile I thought it would be impossible for me to get to 10. I gave up on halfcab heel, trefilp, nollie treflip and nollie varial fip. The varial flip and no comply flip were cop outs. The varial flip even took a long time. Ugh. It was depressing how long most of these tricks took to land, but it felt good to try. Even physically I felt okay after. Wearing orthotics appears to be a must for me when I skate.

(setup 8.1 null rabethica deck, venture 5.2 high trucks, venom 91a bushings, 51mm spitfire classic f4 99a wheels, new balance numeric pj 533 black/white 12, remind cush chico orthotic insoles)